Reading with them Book 1

okay so I wanted to do something about someone from the future coming back to the present (like harry coming back to his third year at Hogwarts) and doing about harry reading the books etc so I kind of did both at the same time. You'll see how....


2. A/N

yeyy!! here's an other one of my not so amazing stories. Anyways If I said it once I'll say it a million times "I DON'T WRITE FOR PEOPLE I WRITE FOR MY OWN ENTERTAINMENT" (check my other story for reference)

Now that I have made this clear I want to clarify some points: 

1- (O) means the older one and (Y) means the younger one

2- I may publish up to three chapters a night but publish maybe once every ten days so please ( I know it's not gonna happen but I'm still hopeful) bear with me I have official exams this year

3- You will never see anything inappropriate in my writings since I am not that kind of person. I can't even describe a proper kissing scene 

I guess that's all

love ya



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