What 'sup, Bones?

A transporter malfunction. The one where Spock and Kirk did not make it to the transporter room when returning from a mission. And then they do make it, two years late. | That's where our little story begins.


3. Chapter 3

"My name is Dwayin Wright," Wright introduced himself. "Star Fleet assigned me here. I am your first officer."

"Welcome aboard the ship, commander." Sulu said, with a calm and easy going smile.

McCoy was standing there with his arms folded, a sadness about his eyes, and his mood was dark. Sulu let go of the commander's hand allowing him to walk off the transporter pad with his luggage right behind him. Nyota was by the side of Scotty, pretty faced, and bright. She was in a red uniform lacking sleeves but did have the standard issue design of the dress.

"This is Lieutenant Nyota Uhura," Sulu said, gesturing over toward Nyota. "Our communications officer."

Wright shook the hand of Nyota.

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Uhura." Wright said.

It had been two weeks since the loss of Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

"You too, Commander." Nyota said, shaking his hand.

They stopped shaking hands.

"And this is Doctor Leonard McCoy," Sulu said. "Chief Medical Officer."

"Nice to meet you." McCoy half grumbled and half said, not even bothering to reach his hand out.

"And this is our recently assigned science officer, Carol Marcus." Sulu said.

"Nice to meet you," Carol said with a smile. She could feel his hand was unusually cool. "Mr Wright."

"My pleasure." Wright said.

"And I am Mr Scott," Scotty said. "Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott."

"Nice to meet you, too." Wright said.


There was a message that landed in his inbox.

Two days after his arrival to the Enterprise.

The captain and I are alive.

Wright thought back to the loss that the crew of the Enterprise suffered. Then he thought back to his main and upheld mission. To bring war to the Klingons that united the Romulan Empire with them to fight against the federation as a common enemy. It was his mission. They needed a inside rat to do the dirty work by getting him assigned to the one and only legendary stickler USS Enterprise. He knew this message was from the former commander Spock.

"Sorry," Wright apologized. "But the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

Wright hit delete.

"Or the one." Wright added, turning back toward the computer screen where his handler Tauvle was frowning right back at him.

"Have you made your assimilation?" Tauvle asked.

"Affirmative," Wright said. "They all believe I am a average day pacifist from Digsville, Idaho. A human." He took of the enlarged set of ears placing them to the side revealing his pointy ears and then took off the forehead shield protector showing the V shaped forehead. His thin eyebrows pointing upwards. were revealed. "It is all going to plan. I just need a ambush to start."

"Are your doors locked?" Tauvle asked.

"Affirmative." Wright said, with a short nod.

"If you get close to anyone, anyone, for that matter . . . " Tauvle said. "This will go to ruins."

"It will not." Wright said.

"And make sure you do not blow your cover," Tauvle said. "I worked too hard to get you in there, brother, just for you to be caught red handed."

"You will prefer if I went to bed with these pair on?" Wright asked, with a raised arched eyebrow.

"They are indestructible," Tauvle said. "They cannot be broken."

Fortunately Wright's blood was red unlike Vulcans, much as it was for Romulans.

"Logical." Wright said, lowering his eyebrow.

"Can you stop speaking like a Vulcan?" Tauvle said.

"Your father was a Vulcan and my mother was a Romulan." Wright said.

"You are a Romulan, damn it, act like you are human!" Tauvle said.

"I find that I have inherited the best part of our heritage," Wright said. "You are more Vulcan than I am. Why do you not embrace it?"

"Because I am the one who's blood is green and have emotions that are more powerful than yours!" Tauvle said. "Do not comment on this matter any further, brother."

"Agreed." Wright said, putting on the disguise along with the ear piece.


It was easy to act human. Too easy. Other than being plagued by paranoia that he was to be targeted and discovered for what he truly was. The messages were sent, repeatedly, over the course of the few months that he was assigned to the Enterprise for the mission. Wright planted little seeds, here and there, but the Enterprise crew overcame the obstacles. It was irritating to say for the least. Each and every time. How did Captain Kirk and Commander Spock deal with this madness? It was illogical. Maddening.

The messages he got from presumably Commander Spock were not helping.

There were days when he nearly decided to tell the truth, turn himself in, and abandon the plan. However, he would be reminded that it was his duty and the only reason why he is still in the federation is because one knows of his Romulan heritage. No one knew of his Vulcan heritage either, as well. He was reminded by the messages he would find in his inbox followed suit by deleting them. Wright had considered it a duty three years, two months, three days four hours, two minutes, and thirty-eight seconds to aid in the repopulation of his species. Two children who were two years old and a four month old human child. Wright's brother had informed him of the child's arrival and how his wife had sent the little one to Earth. She was waiting for Wright, and plead to Tauvle to request his immediate return so she could have a shoulder to cry on. It was logical in her case to grieve for a child she gave up for adoption (Or sort of ditched at the local fire station and departed Earth under the cloak of night) who she believed she wouldn't raise properly. She did not know how to raise a human child without her mate. They had no idea where the human DNA came from and it was a medical mystery at best.

This was officially the worst assignment: ever.

"McCoy, you didn't--" Sulu started.

"HELL I DO!" McCoy replied, clothed in a dark cloak with a medical bag strapped along his shoulder.

"This planet has a culture identical to the one we encountered four months ago," Sulu said. "You will have to walk naked."

"I don't care." McCoy said.

Wright stepped on the transporter pad finding this conversation at the bit fascinating.

"Mr Scott, make sure the transporter does not have any problems for our return." Sulu said.

"Aye aye, captain." Scotty said.

McCoy came to the right hand side across from the center circular edge where Sulu will stand. Scotty looked over in the direction of Nyota with deep concern on his face. She placed a kiss on the side of Scottu's face, reassuringly, "I will be back before you know it, Monty."

"Get back in one piece." Scotty said, squeezing her hand.

"I will." Nyota said, as though it were a promise.

Scotty let go of Nyota's hand allowing her to leave and his eyes did not leave her slender, healthy figure. Wright then noticed something about the doctor. He had circles under his eyes. There was a 'auto-pilot' attitude about him, but his pose was that of resignation. McCoy closed his eyes with a sigh then he reopened them. McCoy looked over his shoulder with a white face with a expression that Wright could not see.

Wright was loyal to the Romulan Empire.

And to his Vulcan heritage.

Wright's mate, T'Annie, had survived the destruction of their homeworld. He was fortunate unlike his brother. His mate never mate it, except for their twin sons Simok and Styok. Their bonded chosen ones were among the ones to be spared. Tauvle and Wright's parents had died on Vulcan during the evacuation. Their parents did not leave their home. They did not want to be separated or be parted from one another. The brothers felt the sting of their parent's death in their family bond. Vulcan was their home. Their father, Vaurn, had undergone genetic surgery to hide his Romulan half.

"Energize." Sulu said.

Wright will not fail.


The planet was luxurious, there was a certain aroma to it. The planet had low strided fog. There was a bench with a label that read "DEPOSIT ATTIRE HERE, ONLY TAKE THEM UPON DEPARTURE'. Nyota came along the side of the captain feeling slightly different about herself. McCoy grumbled something to himself about "If Spock were here, he would say the readings here are clear." walking over to the bench then took off the cloak to reveal his fine, attractive body. Including a pulsing erect cock. Wright took his cloak off then folded it and placed it on the bridge.

"Oh my god," Nyota said. "This fog is so. . . compelling."

"Report, Mr Sp--" Sulu stopped himself. He shook his head. McCoy stared at his direction, long and hard, then his attention shifted. "We should have brought Miss Marcus."

"Strange, Sulu's cock is erect, mine is erect, and yours is just deflated, Mr Wright!" McCoy said.

"I am asexual, McCoy." Wright said.

"Course you are." McCoy said.

"Alova!" Came a representative of the civilization along with two protectors who held their long spears that stood out from the fog. Alova meant 'Greetings'. "Welcome, welcome, welcome to our planet Jim Tiveruis Kurk!"

McCoy wanted to scream at the universe. McCoy wanted to curse at it while crying and punching his fist into the ground until his hand was covered in dirt and his hand had ripped out a portion of the grass. McCoy had more self control than to do that. The doctor's eyes had slightly widened at the mention of the planet then he looked over toward Sulu with hurt in his eyes. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS EARLIER? was plastered all over the doctor's face. Sulu remained calm, too calm. Nyota stepped aside from the captain. Wright was unaffected. There was dead silence coming from the landing party. The compelling fog was overcome by the lingering thought of someone they all knew. The mere recollection of someone close.

"Can we refer to it as Tiveruis, Mr Rak?" Sulu asked.

"Why of course, you are our visitors," Rak said. "Though most of our visitors insist they call it 'Tiveruis'. . ." He saw the look of grief in the doctor's eyes, overall sadness placed among the crew except for Wright, making him stop in his train of thought. "I suppose we can rename it the Tiveruis planet. Come, come, we have much to show you . . . Our deal with the dilithium crystals is prepared to be renegotiated. Our artwork have improved much from the last captain who visited here."

Among the warriors was a woman with blue skin and small circular spots around her body varying in size but most specifically they enlarged in shape when it came to her chest. Wright's eyes dilated, his cheeks began to blush, and his heart was pounding against his chest. The woman's eyes were landed on him and she licked her lips with dilated eyes stared at the direction of the later-to-be traitor.

The landing party followed the small group back to the town.

"Enterprise, eh?" Rak asked.

"That is correct." Sulu said.

"Last time I heard of it, they were throwing the name around for a constitution class starship. We suggested Sex Drive." Rak remarked.

"That would have been inappropriate." Sulu said.

"That you are right, captain. . . what is your name?" Rak asked.

"Sulu." Sulu said.

"Captain Sulu," Rak raised an eyebrow. "Not the captain Kirk I heard of highly?"

"He died four months ago." Sulu said.

Rak lowered his eyebrow.

"My apologies. We have a temple for those who are still in mourning. You are more than welcome to attend the mourning temple during negotiations." Rak squeezed the shoulder of Sulu. "Fla-unt."

Fla-unt meant 'Grieve'. Wright was by the side of the female warrior with their hips touching. She looked over toward him with a smile. A seductive smile. Her name was Drevin, daughter of Constantine. Wright smiled back right at her. It simply was odd for the away team. Last time they came upon a culture such as this, they never had come across such a environment like this. Nyota resisted the aroma coming from the thick fog like fixture.

Rak let go of Sulu's shoulder.

"What kind of bag is that?" Vellehelle, a male warrior, asked.

"Medical kit." McCoy replied.

"Interesting," Vellehelle said.

"Mr Rak," Sulu said. "What is this fog?"

"Passion." Rak said.

"Passion?" Sulu asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Why yes," Rak said. "It makes everyone peaceful and sexually aroused they cannot possibly . . ."

"Then why do you have warriors?" Sulu asked.

"We still hunt our kill with these spears," Came another warrior. "It is very convenient. Our shields are our skin. . . ."

Rak's face darkened and his voice lowered.

"And then there are ones who do not appreciate being on our peaceful hospital planet," Rak continued. "We have laws for that and obey them to the letter."

"Fascinatin'." McCoy found himself muttering.

"Such as?" Sulu said.

"The V forehead ones." Rak said.

"Romulans." Sulu said.

"They are not welcome. They have a death sentence on their heads if they dare come to our planet of peace. We have no room for trouble makers." Rak remarked.


"You miss your lost one?" Came a grief counselor as Nyota sat the alter of mourning lighting up the candles.

Nyota briefly closed her eyes.

"Dearly." Nyota said.

The grief counselor came over to the young woman placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Fla-unt." The grief counselor said.

"Kah-zille." Nyota replied.

Kah-zille meant 'Thank you' in the Tiveriusian language.

The grief counsel sat down beside Nyota taking her hand off the woman's shoulder.

"Tell me about your lost one," The grief counselor said. "As long as you talk about them, they are not dead. It is tradition to share stories of the lost to keep them alive." Nyota looked over toward the grief counselor. "The doctor, as I have been told, will be joining shortly."

Nyota flicked off the match placing it into the cylinder.

"I was his student," Nyota said. "And he was my professor. . . The first day I came into class . . ."

Nyota talked to the grief counselor. McCoy came to the doors but he stopped mid-way. He leaned against the entrance way looking up toward the sky. The universe was full of many ways to die: phaser, bullet, sharp objects, and transporter. A transporter can beam anyone's pattern all over the galaxy by accident instead of beaming together the atoms and the patterns into the form of a living individual. McCoy was the unlucky one of the crew. It should have been him. Fitting death for his atoms never to come together. Spock and Kirk alive, but shaken, mourning for their confidant. In the end they would have been alive and he would not have been. McCoy sat down with his back to the wall right by the door.

McCoy did not realize he had been crying when he heard Nyota's voice.

"You should talk to the grief counselor, McCoy." Nyota said, relaxed and light weight.

McCoy looked up toward her with red eyes.

"It should have been me." McCoy said.

Nyota smiled, a little, at the doctor.

"Talk to her." Nyota said, then she went past him.

McCoy got up then he opened the door to see a well light but dark church like interior.

"Come." The grief counselor said,standing in front of the alter of mourning.

McCoy went in, willingly, closing the door behind him.


"I want all of you inside me!" Drevin cried, her back pressed against the wall and she had one hand combing through Wright's hair.

"Illogical as putting my entire body inside you would result in your death," Wright said. He came closer to her ear, then whispered into it, "You must call me Suvuk." Wright nibbled at her ear as she made claw marks on his back rolling her eyes. "And you are T'Annie."

"YES!" Drevin shouted, feeling aroused.

Wright took himself out.

"SUVUK!" Drevin shouted.

"Yes?" Wright asked, raising an eyebrow.

"YOU ARE A EVIL BASTARD!" Drevin declared.

Wright pinned her down to the ground with a grin on his face and he sat on her stomach.

"Touch my penis," Wright said. "And put it in between your breasts."

"You are a evil bastard." Drevin drew him into a kiss with one hand touching his penis rubbing alongside the edge.

"For taking my penis out of your entrance way in the middle of pleasure, that is logical to accuse me of such," Wright said. "Now make me be illogical!"

Drevin's vagina felt like it wanted to be filled of a space, being a certain penis, and her mouth started to water. Her skin was sweating. She wanted to be entered by Wright, so she did exactly what he asked. His semen landed on her chest pouring down along her shoulders. Wright moaned, "T'Annie!" and she rubbed the sides of his penis where the redness indicated his arousal.

"Now suck it." Wright said.

"Then will you enter me." Drevin said.

She wanted him in her sooo badly.

"You must be up and I must be down." Wright said.

"You are odd." Drevin said.

"This is illogical. Do not make me logical." Wright said.

Wright stood up getting off her stomach. Drevin came to his penis, her eyes dilated, and she sat down. She placed her hands on his thighs then placed her mouth around the penis and began to suck it. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, this felt so good! She never sucked a man's penis before. She watched the redness be replaced by a tinge of familiar green. Now, that was odd. She had sex with all types of species,Vulcans among them years ago before their planet was destroyed.

Drevin pulled him down to the ground where he landed on the floor and she came right over him allowing his penis to graze her stomach past the fine hair follicles and then into her vagina. Her hands were placed on his shoulders and she thrust into him feeling so, so good. Her fingers grazed along his shoulders. The later-to-be-traitor had a delighted smile on his face. She kept this up for possibly twenty-two minutes? She kept at it. She landed on his chest after the last thrust.

"You are not bad in this actvitity." Drevin said.

"As are you." Wright said.

"I want your fingers inside me." Drevin said.

Wright raised an eyebrow.

"You have yet to achieve orgasm?" Wright asked.

"I have not." Drevin asked.

Wright lowered his eyebrow.

"Your body is perhaps the most intriguing one I have ever came across." Wright said.

Drevin kissed along his neck.

"That is the best thing I have ever heard from a off worlder." Drevin said.

"What is your safe word?" Wright asked.

"Sac-katta." Drevin said.

"I suppose that means safe word?" Wright asked.

"It means safeword." Drevin said.

"That is. . . fascinating." Wright said.

"Now you must keep your end of the deal." Drevin said.

Drevin had a moan getting up off Wright's chest, then she went over to the pile of pillows and sat abruptly into them with her back to the pillows. She had her legs spread out, her vagina pulsing, but not swollen, prepared to be entered. She took a napkin of the sorts and wiped away the semen that remained. She dapped one finger in the semen then sucked the finger eying at Wright. Wright licked his lips taking off the ear piece then set it down onto the wooden surface beside him. She placed the napkin into the nearby trashcan.

Wright came to Drevin then he knelt down and entered his two fingers into her vagina.

"Are you fast or slow?" Wright asked.

Drevin smiled, relaxed.

"Don't stop." Drevin said.

Wright raised an eyebrow.

"Illogical. I have not even started." Wright said.

Wright lowered his eyebrows.

"Aaaahh." Drevin said.

"You are a illogical Tiveriusian." Wright said.

"Aaaah." Wright said.

Wright moved his fingers rhythmically.

"Stooopp!"' Drevin plead.

Wright paused.

"Illogical." Wright said.

Wright continued.

"Oh my god,stop!" Drevin said.

Wright continued.

"Don't stop!" Drevin shouted.

Wright continued, and moved faster then she curled herself up along his chest.

"OOOOoooohhh!" Drevin called out. "SUVUK!"

Mission accomplished.

"Would you like to see my face?" Wright said.

"Oh yes." Drevin purred.

Wright took the mask off his forehead then shifted her backwards straightening her out.

"What do you thin--"

Horrified, she screamed.


"Do not shoot the messenger for what is not their fault--"

Wright punched a hole into the wood.

"My mate is dead." Wright said.

The Romulan lowered his head.

"Sadly." The Romulan, being the messenger, said in a low voice.

Wright trembled looking over.

"My children?" Wright asked.

"They are under the care of Tauvle." The messenger said.

"How did she die?" Wright asked, fighting back tears.

Wright had on his disguise.

"I cannot say." The messenger said.

A tear came down Wright's cheek.

"YOU WILL TELL ME!" Wright picked the messenger up by the neck then held him at the edge of a cliff.

"I am just the messenger!" The messenger said.

"TELL ME." Wright demanded.

The messenger gripped Wright's hand trying to make a grip.

"I will let you fall down to your death and I as well will be sent to mine." Wright added.

He was trying to figure out how to get out of this mess as he was accused of being a Romulan by Drevin. The landing party could not do a thing about it but stand by and wait for the return of the 'Romulan'. Wright had seen the look of horror in the eyes of the doctor. Nyota's reaction was unique. It was like her heart had been stabbed multiple times. Sulu, however, showed no fear in the thought of his first officer being killed off. Not even when they started to tow him away. Not even when he managed to escape from their grasp and run for his life.

"She was murdered." The messenger said.

Wright tossed the Romulan against a nearby tree with a defeaning crack following suit as the body collapsed to the ground.

Oh shit.

Wright came over to the messenger then knelt down to the the messenger's side seeing the fear in his eyes. The messenger knew what the young hybrid had just done to him. The later-to-be traitor took the hand of the fallen messenger. Wright was no telepathic nor was he skilled in it. He looked down sadly, but apologetically, toward the messenger. The two heard the sounds of the posse gaining speed started by "I heard them!" in Tivursian.

"Jolan tru." The messenger said.

Wright held his hand up making the Vulcan salute.

"Live long and prosper." Wright said.

"I grieve with thee." The messenger said, with some familiarity to the Vulcan phrase.

Wright let go of the messenger's hand then stepped away.

"I found my Romulan who framed me!" Wright shouted.

Wright did not dare share a glance toward the messenger as the posse arrived to retrieved the paralyzed messenger.


Drevin changed her story after seeing the Romulan and went into full detail: how she refused the messenger's advances, how he pinned her against the wall, and how he took advantage of her. The story disgusted Rak, thankfully the landing party wasn't there to hear the story. Wright explained he had been taking a swim in the nearby lake to relax himself and get the recent chain of events off his shoulders. They believed him. After the short trial Wright approached Drevin making the comment, "Pay back sex, now." And this time he didn't take off the disguise. Drevin wanted to believe he was a human. So he let her.

Wright's heart ached for T'Annie.

Once Nyota stepped off the transporter, she fell into the arms of Scotty.

"Welcome back, Nyota." Scotty said.

The negotiations had been successful.

"As I said before," Sulu said. "McCoy, the transporter is not going to malfunction on us anytime soon."

Though a certain Romulan's head was chopped off.

"I wish it would!" McCoy said, shifting his weight then stepped forward on the balls of his toes.

It was a interesting quirk according to Wright. Nyota had a tendency to shake her long gorgeous hair stuck in a pony tail from side to side, Chekov would mutter a Russian phrase when he was getting something fixed or unstuck, Scotty tended to rub his chin while sitting down in the chair contemplating how to figure a problem out and talk to Freenser at once, and Sulu would usually talk about plants when he was not on shift (And the manner he spoke on something dangerous and threatening was calm and unalarmed, which made him a great captain but the hell it annoyed McCoy). The security guards would boldly go into a dangerous situation and end up dying.

Wright started calling them red shirts because anyone who had a red shirt on during a mission would die. Wright was not surprised to hear there were suicides occurring aboard the starship. Wright walked off the transporter pad with his cloak on. He had noticed the doctor was still on auto-pilot although his shoulders appeared as though they were light. Nyota's grief and misery had visibly been taken away or melted away to be precise. Scotty's shoulders had relaxed. Nyota cupped the side of Scotty's face as Wright departed the transporter room heading down the hallway.

"Hold up,Mr RIGHT-ASS, you still have a cut to be treated!" McCoy shouted, following after Wright.


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