What 'sup, Bones?

A transporter malfunction. The one where Spock and Kirk did not make it to the transporter room when returning from a mission. And then they do make it, two years late. | That's where our little story begins.


1. Chapter 1

Note - Star Trek: Into Darkness never,ever, happened

NOTE - Star Trek: Into Darkness never, ever, happened.

"I lost them." Scotty said.

Those were the three words McCoy never wanted to hear in the same sentence from Scotty.



"How can you lose patterns?" McCoy asked.

"Aye, it is incredibly rare but it happens." Scotty said.

"Try again." McCoy said.

"Doctor. . . " Scotty said, looking over toward McCoy.

"Please." McCoy said, as Scotty saw the desperate look in the man's eyes.

They all did not want to believe they just lost their captain and first officer.

"All right." Scotty relented.


McCoy should have gone with them. Why did he not go? The planet had inhabitants that accepted everyone to be partially naked. Everyone. Everyone for that matter: anyone who stepped foot onto their soil. McCoy was not comfortable about being naked around everyone. Nurse Chapel and Nyota went with the landing party, they had returned, and the two men never came back. He should have gone with them! He should have known this would have happened.

Damn it, Jim!

Damn you, pointy eared hobgoblin!

The first day afterwards, when it was confirmed, the doctor locked himself into his quarters and grieved. He didn't want to believe their atoms were spread all over the galaxy! McCoy should have died before they did. Over his grave that they die before him. HOW DARE THEY DO THAT! He was lost in his thoughts, one hand on his scotch, on the table, and his eyes blood shot. He swore they would be the death of him. Taking care of a emotionless denial Vulcan and a infant who was given the chair too early.

They were too young to go.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Go away." It came out as a drunken shout in-between the sobs.

"It is me, Uhura." Nyota said.

"Doors unlock," McCoy said. "Password: two stupid idiots."

"Denied." The computer replied.

McCoy was trembling as tears came strolling down his cheeks.

"Spock and Jim." McCoy said, with a broken heart.

With a soft click, the doors opened.

"McCoy . . ." Nyota came into the dark room.

"I should have gone with them!" McCoy said, as Nyota placed one hand on his shoulder. "I should have gone--"

Nyota grabbed the doctor into a hug letting him cry into her shoulders as she pat his back and cried as well. They were grieving for the loss of people close to them. Both Spock and Kirk. She had said something she didn't mean to Spock before he went to his duty on the bridge and it broke her heart she couldn't rectify it with him. The bottle had tipped over landing on its side on the table. Nyota stroked the backside of his head as the doctor grieved with her. Tears came down Nyota's cheek.


Two years passed without Kirk and Spock. Winona and Sarek, simultaneously, had denied any awakenings or funeral at least until it has been ten years and then they would be assured that their beloved ones were truly beyond return to the land of the living. Not even a memorial. McCoy suspected they were seeing each other. Sulu captained the Enterprise for that length of time. Chekov, at one point, last year had broke down and cried after accidentally calling a science officer 'Spock'. Then he was reminded that Spock was not on the ship by the science officer.

The science officer was Carol Marcus.

Dwayin Wright was the first officer.

Some days McCoy would find himself wishing the two would come back.

But they never will.

They were dead.

"We will be right back, Bones." Kirk had said, with Spock by his side.

"Long as you two are around, I have to worry that you will come back hurt or drunk!" McCoy had said.

"That is logical but I will make sure the captain does not get in over his head." Spock had said.

"Let's go, Spock!" Kirk patted the side of Spock's shoulder then went out the doors of dimly lit med bay and Spock followed suit.

"You better!" McCoy had shouted back to the Vulcan.

McCoy closed his eyes then opened them to the pristine clean med bay that was lighted up.

There were days when McCoy considered suicide to end the pain he was in, emotionally, that hadn't quite left since the loss of the two people in his life.


It was strange to hear the voice of Spock whenever he thought of it. McCoy went on auto-pilot for the rest of the two years. He'll be damned if he were being haunted by the most unluckiest men in the entire universe. McCoy walked to the biobed where his patient Captain Sulu was seated recovering from a nasty sting. McCoy dealt with the grief, the emotional pain, and the sorrow by not being there all completely. Equally to someone shutting themselves off.

"May I return to my duties?" Sulu asked.

Totally a question Spock would ask.

If only Spock were here.

"Captain, I do not believe your legs have regain movement in the last fifteen minutes," McCoy said. "Wright is perfectly capable of mannin' the bridge while you rest."

"What about my plants in the botany room?" Sulu asked.

"Your husband is perfectly capable of waterin' them," McCoy replied. "Not like they need your constant attention while your legs are numb and your liver is still recoverin'. If you stood up, you will be pukin'." Which was absolutely true. "If you ask me to play chess with you then god help you."

Sulu laughed.

"All right, McCoy." Sulu said.

Wright was on the bridge in the captain's chair. Nyota was with Scotty watching a movie from the 21st century in her quarters, Chekov was practicing fencing with Lieutenant Einstein, and Carol was at the lab doing what she did best in science: exploring and making. She fit the role like a glove. She could never replace Spock. Ever. Like Wright replacing Spock. They never could fill the void left in the bridge. Nor the one in his heart. Heart wrenching and painful. Sometimes when McCoy came on the bridge he would swear he saw Spock looming over Carol's shoulder with hands behind his back. Nerdy like, stalker'ish, and quizzical at best. When he would blink Spock would be gone.

McCoy had become skilled at fighting back tears whenever he saw this. McCoy swore he would get off this ship and leave it after they returned to Earth so everyone else could be reassigned after the long mission in space. Nyota was eying the rank of commander and so was Scotty. Chekov was eying the rank of Lieutenant. Nurse Chapel's rank would surely go up to Commander. Everyone was going to leave the Enterprise. A place where they forged memories with the two former senior officers. A ensign came in with a lieutenant who had suffered an injury with rock climbing in the holodeck.

"Get him on the biobed." McCoy said.


If one were to commit suicide on a starship or on Earth, it would be by a phaser. That is common sense. Suicide evolved from guns to phasers. When McCoy got to the holodeck, he saw that there were looks of disgust and horror from the holographic individuals. The holodeck had projected the appropriate attire of the era it was installed to be in. It pained McCoy that someone had committed the most sinful act on this ship.

"End program." McCoy said.

The thirty-forth suicide on the Enterprise in four years. People started dropping like flies after Spock and Kirk vanished two years ago. They probably realized what hell they were under and what hell they were in. McCoy figured that is why most of them did it asides to the typical suicide notes that read 'I am sorry. I can't do it anymore'. Sulu, thankfully, didn't take it personally. McCoy envied him for keeping up his relaxed, friendly, but otherwise serious captain attitude up.

The deck turned black with yellow lines dotting the surface. Behind him came nurses and a gurney. This was ensign Richard Garros. The holodeck had been set to unjustified levels that provided no safety to the user who was using it. He had fallen from a cliff. McCoy loomed over a letter that hadn't been deleted left on the ground. He picked it up where he could see the cursive writing that indicated his girlfriend had broken up with him and went on a doomed shuttle. McCoy pitied the man. His eyes briefly closed.

It could have been him.

"Illogical, Doctor McCoy."

Now committing suicide by the holodeck was unheard of.

"Doctor." Nurse Chapel said, drawing the man's attention.

McCoy missed Spock and Kirk like hell.


Carol could feel the hair on the back of her neck raise up.

"Stop looking over my shoulder, Sam." Carol said.

There was a cold sigh.

"What the hell?" Carol looked over from her science station only to see that no one was there save for Captain Sulu in his chair speaking with Commander Wright.

It spooked Carol.

It had been happening over two years, and this time she had finally addressed it. It was like someone was here but not visible. It was like there as a ghost haunting the Enterprise bridge. She shook her head turning away back toward her station. She saw the screen for the console had been changed and it was scientifically incorrect. EMF readings. She did not have the EMF setting on. But before her eyes there were words being spelled out. These letters formed out: HELLO.

She blinked.


Carol jumped up with a scream.

"Miss Marcus, what is it?" Sulu asked.

Carol had a white face.

"Sir," Carol said, with a straight face. "My console is being possessed."

"Possessed?" Wright said. "But that is impossible." He shared a glance with Sulu then back toward Carol. "That is the stuff of fiction."

"See for yourself." Carol said, rubbing her shoulders feeling a cold chill.

Sulu and Wright came over to investigate.

The console had returned to normal with a screen that had scientific related tools

"Captain?" Wright looked over toward Sulu with a perplexed facial expression.

Sulu looked up from the console toward Carol.

"Tell us, what kind of possession are you talking about?" Sulu said.

"It said 'Hello'," Carol said. "And then 'You are redundant'."

There was a look of hope on Sulu's face then he went over to the chair and pressed a button.

"Mr Scott." Sulu said.

"Scott here." Scotty's voice came over.

"Tell me the recent problems the transporter has been experiencing." Sulu said.

"Captain?" Wright asked, confused.

Sulu looked up.

"I have a theory." Sulu said.

"Power shortages, typical malfunctions, attempts to boot up and fails," Scotty said. "But I believe this Transporter is out of luck. She has no hope."

"Maybe there is hope. . . Mr Scott," Sulu said. "Meet me in the transporter room. Sulu out."

"What kind of theory is it?" Wright asked.

"Miss Marcus," Sulu said. "Tell me all the irregular and unnatural experiences you had over the past two years." He looked over toward a puzzled Wright. "I believe we have two people in the process of beaming."


"Doctor McCoy, please report to the transporter room."

Which was sudden.

"Another mission?" McCoy thought out loud. "God help me Sulu doesn't lose a leg!"

McCoy walked into the transporter room to see a shiny eyed Scotty beaming down toward the console, his hands flying, which was unusual. Sulu was standing by with Commander Wright by his side. The doors closed behind McCoy. Sulu had a smile on his face. Wright had a otherwise unsure but matter in fact one that was dipped in disbelief. There was no security officers in the room. Which tipped off McCoy that they are either picking up some refugees or beaming someone up.

"I got them!" Scotty said. "I found them! I found them! I FOUND THEM!"

Scotty was gawking at the screen while pointing one hand on the LED surface.

"I knew it." Sulu said.

"Knew what?" McCoy said

"It was an accident, freak one," Scotty said. "They took the lon' way here."

"Do you think you can speed the rate of travel with their pattern to normalcy?" Sulu said.

"Ay, believe I can." Scotty said.

"Someone is travelin' the speed of light to the transporter room through the beaming process?" McCoy said.

"That is correct." Sulu said, with a nod.

"Someone must be mad to do that." McCoy said.

"I never use the speed of light option," Scotty said. "Must have hit the wrong button."

There was a flash of golden light from the transporter. They all looked up, bracing for the worst, only to see two men shivering covered by what was apparently star fleet blankets. McCoy stepped forward with his eyes widened. Spock was standing straight unlike Kirk (who was trembling) adjusting his eyes to the scenery. Kirk's blue eyes stood out staring into the small group and the young blonde man let out a smile. Spock had his usual calm, collected demeanor. Spock was covered all over in water much like Kirk.

"The planet did not have a wet environment," Spock said. "This is illogical."

"What 'sup, Bones?" Kirk asked, in between his shivering.

There were tears coming at the corners of McCoy's eyes.

"Jim! Spock!" Bones grabbed them both into a into a hug making them fall backwards to the pad with a thump.

"Easy there, cowboy!" Kirk said, with a laugh.


"We were . . . what?" Kirk said.

"In the transporter for two years traveling at the rate of light," Sulu explained. "It only occurred to me that you were still in it when Mr Spock left a message on the science station and frightened Miss Marcus." Spock was absorbing this information raising an eyebrow. "A message such as 'you are a redundant' is very telling. You should thank Spock for not being stuck in the transporter for all eternity."

"But you would have discovered us, anyway, if not for Spock's intervention?" Kirk said.

"I have no memory of such a event." Spock said, his left eyebrow twitching.

"No." Scotty said, sheepishly.

Kirk grew a long face.

"Ever?" Kirk said.

"Ever," Scotty said. "At least the Transporter is working right."

Bones applied a hypospray to the side of Kirk's neck.

"So, who here has been captaining the ship?" Kirk asked.

"I have." Sulu said.

Kirk let out a smile.

"Good job not getting her destroyed." Kirk said.

"Well, there was this one time--" Wright started.

"Wright, don't ruin the moment!" McCoy barked, hypoing Spock.

"Nearly?" Kirk cocked up a eyebrow.

"A week ago." Sulu said.

"Impressive." Kirk said.

"Kaptain Sulu to the bridge," Came Chekov's voice. "We have a little problem with the Klingons."

"You can handle this, captain," Kirk said. "You have done a good job so far."


"Miss Marcus?"

Carol turned away from the lunch on the table to see the Vulcan with brown eyes staring down upon her holding a tray with a steam coming off the rounded edges of the bowl. Carol could only guess that he had Plomeek soup, a Vulcan specialty, sitting on the tray. It had been a day since the unexpected return of former Captain Kirk and former Commander Spock. Kirk was playing tennis with Commander Wright in the 'out doors entertainment deck'.

"Mr Spock." Carol said.

"May I sit down with you?" Spock asked.

"Why yes, of course." Carol said.

Spock sat down alongside her.

"I would like to apologize for the actions of my katra," Spock said. "It was rude and unacceptable."

"Your katra?" Carol raised an eyebrow. "What is that?"

"Vulcan terminology for soul." Spock said.

Carol lowered her eyebrow, poking her fork at the salad.

"That is interesting." Carol said.

Spock nodded.

"Tell me. . . what else did I do to you?" Spock requested.

"You were over my shoulder, constantly." Carol said.

"I must have believed then I was still alive." Spock said.

"I annoyed you." Carol said.

"Annoyed is a emotion," Spock said. "My katra self must have simply been restrained against doing what was on his mind then. Complexed as to why everyone was ignoring me."

"So you do say you were annoyed." Carol said.

"Annoyed is a emotion." Spock said.

Carol smiled.

"Yes," Carol said. "Keep telling yourself that."

Carol took a bite of her salad.


"I have an admission to make." Came a familiar voice from above.

McCoy looked up from the padd to see the Vulcan dressed all in black, almost as though he was attending a funeral, save for his drilled focused eyes on him complete with intent. This was two days after the return of Spock and Kirk aboard the Enterprise. McCoy's heart could have sung with glee at the sight of Spock. Those brown eyes aimed directly at McCoy.

"What is it now?" McCoy asked, putting the padd down.

"I lied." Spock said.

McCoy raised an eyebrow

"About what?" McCoy asked.

"Not having complete control of my katra." Spock said.

McCoy smirked, lowering his eyebrow.

"Ah, Spock Prime told me the whole Katra story." McCoy said.

Spock put his hands on the table then leaned forward.

"Leonard, if you consider suicide as a outlet to end your pain due the loss of Jim and I at any point in history: it will only affect your daughter and those around you," Spock said. Thankfully they were in McCoy's office, a separate room from the med bay, quite alone. The door was locked, that McCoy had to be sure of because Spock wouldn't just address this topic in a unlocked room. "I am well aware that the suicide rate took a hike after our 'initial suspension' in the transporter. I could not read your mind but read your face was illogically . . . easy. Your face, regarding the subject, says it all. When the idea crosses your mind, you have a facial expression. A very distinctive one I have seen in the past. I have seen this expression before on a young Vulcan during my days at Vulcan middle school. It was illogical to take her life, and if you do take your live because we die, then you will hurt more people and logically someone very close to you will commit suicide. Suicide is illogical no matter how promising the result is, you will be stuck in the land of the living as a ghost. At least some of the stories I read about earth bound indicates so. So as a friend: do. not. ever. consider. it."

McCoy stared at Spock in a mix of shock, realization, and disbelief.

"So that was you?" McCoy asked.

Spock stared at the doctor.

"Whispering 'illogical' in your ear," Spock said. "Affirmative."

"And Jim?" McCoy asked.

"He was . . . unfortunately, did not share the freedom I had being aware and able to move," Spock said, taking his hands off the table. "For Jim, when he appeared on the transporter pad, it had been the same day. Same minute. Same twilisecond. Same year. Same month. Same stardate." The Vulcan had his arms behind his back walking over to the side. "It was illogical for security officer Jeremy Costwell to send himself directly into fire circumventing all logical routes." McCoy stood up. "He did not die by accident, that was suicide, and I saw the look on his face. Jim had known him for two years, three months, and four days. He was lucky to have lasted for two years as a red shirt."

"You. . . But . . . He saved us!" McCoy said.

"That was a smoke screen, doctor," Spock said. "Mr Costwell was the first to go by his own accord."

McCoy walked to the side of his desk.

"I thought you were dead, Spock." McCoy said, letting the phrase linger in the air.

"As your friend, I took the time to alert Nyota of your grief the first day." Spock said.

"How?" McCoy asked.

"Sending Nyota a private message that you wished to speak with her." Spock said.

"You were dead for two years, Spock!" McCoy said. "To everyone, you were. I was in denial you were gone. It felt odd that I wasn't arguin' with a certain pointy eared Vulcan regardin' genetics on a cow or a god awful deformed human child," McCoy had a flail of his hand. "And patchin' you two up, even when you were at death's door, that could do a number on a man. What did you expect I do? Grow a flower collection? Devote my life to logic?"

"That would be desirable." Spock said.

"I used to think you were still alive, Jim and you," McCoy said. "And I hated myself for not goin' with the two of you." He came over to the window his arms folded. "Six months afterwards, hell you might have been there for all I know, I attempted to make a cure for a poison that was killin' Sulu. Thought I saw you, distraught, reachin' out to me." McCoy shook his head. "And then my world cut to black. That's when I finally came to some closure. That you were dead. But still there."

"I was there." Spock said.

"But you were a ghost." McCoy said.

"Logically, yes, that I was." Spock was now by his side.

"Uhura and Scotty, I never figured they would get together," McCoy said. "He is devoted to the Enterprise more than Jim ever was."

"I have learned love tends to triumph everything," Spock said. "I may have had a part in their connection."

McCoy looked over with a look of disbelief toward Spock.

"You wanted her to move on when you were still alive." McCoy said.

"Technically, I was dead." Spock reminded McCoy.

"You were a livin' spirit, damn it!" McCoy said.

"It was logical to help Nyota move forward," Spock said. "I could only do so much when being bound to the ship and unable to help on the field. I put Nyota's needs above my own."

McCoy was silent, at first, turning his head away.

"How did you do it?" McCoy asked.

"It was relatively easy." Spock said.

"I mean breakin' up with a woman who can stand your emotionless practice and has been to hell with you," McCoy said. "I mean, you were a damn lucky man."

"There are more fish in the sea." Spock said.

"Right, right, right," McCoy said, shaking his hand. "She couldn't just devote her life to grievin' over you."

"That is logical." Spock said. said.

"So you broke up with her from beyond the grave." McCoy said.

"I fabricated a fake instant message that was supposed to be sent prior to our departure. Some humans call it . . ." Spock paused. "Tweets."

McCoy looked over toward Spock with a raised eyebrow.

"You broke up with Uhura over a tweet?" McCoy asked.

"Affirmative," Spock said. "I did it for her well being. As for the rest, Jim would have wanted you to be alive. I did what he would have wanted."

"Well, he is alive," McCoy said, lowering his eyebrow. "And Spock, you can call me Bones."

"Did you know that in the 19th century there was a nickname for battlefield doctors being 'Old Sawbones'," Spock said. "This name originated during the American civil war when amputations were common in battlefield hospitals."

"Actually," McCoy said. "I didn't."

"During the time that I was suspended in the transporter: I was going through the logical means of alerting everyone," Spock explained. "At one point I tried to convey what had happened. However, the message did not reach Captain Sulu as Commander Wright discarded the message and forgot it. I am not pointing fingers or making accusations, but . . . it seemed very odd and disturbing to me that he did not check if the message was a glitch."

"What did he do with it?" McCoy asked.

"He deleted it." Spock said.

"Probably thought it was a prank." McCoy said.

"I wrote: the captain and I are alive." Spock said.

McCoy frowned.

"Spock, that is really vague, don't you know that?" McCoy asked.

"I sent another message." Spock said.

"To whom?" McCoy asked.

"Wright," Spock said. "He eventually made his inbox private six months, three days, four hours, ten minutes, and forty-two seconds ago."

"So you sent a series of vague messages to the poor man?" McCoy asked.

"I wasn't vague at the last. I simply said: Captain Kirk and Commander Spock are stuck in the transporter room. It occurred to me after he deleted it he was deliberately . . ." Spock paused. "Doing it. I attempted to send a message directly to Sulu only to discover. . . his was also made private. You were in auto-pilot, by then,and you rarely read your inbox. When not attempting to gain attention, I was at my station looking at the readings. I must complain about one certain fact is that Carol Marcus rounds off--"

McCoy brought the Vulcan into a kiss, catching Spock off guard, and he ended it a minute later.

"Fascinating." Spock said, unphased by the kiss with his eyes dilated.

"Spock," McCoy said. "Losing you two was like losing two halves of my self."

"You had a void in your heart." Spock said, addressing what McCoy had implied.

"Yes, Spock," McCoy said, with a nod. "And I am afraid of losing the two of you again."

Spock placed one hand on the side of McCoy's face.

"Illogical," Spock said. "You will never lose us." The Vulcan brought the human into the kiss and his hands traveled to the backside of the doctor. Their foreheads touched once the Vulcan had broken the kissing for the second time in the row. "Bones . . . There is a eternal bond between minds. A Vulcan bond. T'hy'la. A word that encompasses the definition of what we are in three levels. Lovers. Brothers. And friends. It is a telepathic connection--"

"No." McCoy placed one finger on Spock's lips.

Spock appeared to be genuinely surprised as the doctor took his finger off the Vulcan's lips.

"But I have not explained." Spock said.

"I do not want you to be in pain when I die, darlin'," McCoy said. "Or me to be in pain when you die." McCoy felt along the cheek of the Vulcan. "I know Vulcans outlive us."

"As you remind me constantly," Spock said. "I am half human."

"That is the problem, Spock," McCoy said, feeling a tear coming down his cheek. "One of us will die."

"Long as I have you," Spock said, taking the hand of McCoy. Spock could feel delight from the simple touch of the man's hand. "I will live for centuries."

"But what about me?" McCoy asked. "I can't give up savin' people."

"That isn't optional," Spock said. "You cannot give up saving people. It is illogical for a doctor not to save the lives of others. Your field is just as dangerous as what Jim and I do, running out saving other civilizations, and often times a entire planet. You do not necessary have to give up your occupation. We could be. . . married. . . by the earthly ways. If you are that concerned the well being of us."

"We need to give this time,Spock," McCoy said. "And see if it survives the hell we go through."

Spock nodded as their hands came down together to their sides.

"You wish to take it slow," Spock said. "I understand your desire."

"And let's get this clear between us," McCoy said, letting go of Spock's hand. He pointed it directly at Spock's chest. "You are not Vulcanizin' me!"

Spock raised an arched eyebrow.

"Who says I am going to Vulcanize you?" Spock asked.

"You Vulcanized Uhura," McCoy said. "I do not want to find myself talkin' like you in the next ten years."

"That will be hard to do as you all ready have done so," Spock said, as a frown appeared on the younger man's face. "Bones."

"Shut up and kiss me, you over grown lizard!" McCoy brought the Vulcan into a passionate kiss.

Spock broke the kiss briefly.

"I resent that." Spock said, briefly.

"And if I called you a overgrown werewolf?" McCoy asked.

Spock did not hesitate.

"Over grown lizard sounds preferable." Spock remarked.

McCoy smiled as his hands slid down the Vulcan's side where his hands came to the Vulcan's thigh feeling the edges of the black regulation pants. Spock returned the kiss with the doctor. Thankfully, the nurses could take care of the injured patients from the day to day regular activities. The two became undressed. But mostly it was McCoy's doing getting Spock undressed. Spock saw it as logical, since his partner was doing it to him, that he returned the favor. Eventually, their naked bodies were behind the desk, comfied by the mass of clothes underneath them, and Spock was thrusting himself into the doctor's body with his long bony hands placed on the man's thighs. McCoy was staring at the ceiling with a small smile on his face. The Vulcan's hands traveled from the doctor's thighs to the side of his neck where he planted kisses along the younger man's neck. McCoy wrapped one arm around Spock's shoulder feeling, oh, so good.

"Oh Spock." McCoy said.

"Yes?" Spock said, looking over toward the doctor with a raised eyebrow.

"I never knew sex with a Vulcan would be so goo--oood!" His voice became high pitched as he could feel the two serpent like parts rubbing along the wall Spock's body part was entered that kept him into place. They were so damn stimulating!

Spock lowered his eyebrow.

"Even though we do not have sexual heat until every seven years, I can compensate for the level of pleasure with my fra'ls." Spock said.

"Sexual heat?" McCoy asked, raising an eyebrow. "Like a cat in heat?"

The Vulcan stared back at him.

"It is called Pon Farr," Spock said. "I am currently not stimulated as typical human beings are for sex nor is the sexual drive satisfying for the partner for that reason. During Pon farr my sexual desire will be, as humans say, over the roof."

McCoy grinned.

"Like the salmon." McCoy said.

"Affirmative. Like the salmon," Spock nodded. "And if I do not mate during Pon farr. . . I will die."

McCoy drew the Vulcan closer to him.

"Well then," McCoy said. "I will have to make sure you do not die."

The Vulcan and the doctor kissed.

McCoy's hand traveled to the backside of the Vulcan, then their kiss broke.

"Spock," McCoy said, close to the Vulcan's ear. "You are not done yet thrustin' your little green man in me."

The Vulcan thrust him into the doctor earning a soft moan.

"Satisfactory?" Spock asked, as a delighted smile grew on the doctor's face.

It was like McCoy was drunk on pleasure with that look on his face.

Or gone mad.

Which was illogical.

"I love you." McCoy said.

Spock kissed the forehead of the doctor.

"Wani ra yana ro aisha." Spock said.

"Let me guess," McCoy said. "I love you in Vulcan?"

"Affirmative--" McCoy turned the Vulcan over with a squeak from Spock who was now laid on the floor.

"The phrase 'I love you, too' would just do." McCoy said.

"What would the fun be in that?" Spock asked, with the hints of a smile.

Taluhk nash-veh k'dular, Spock thought.

"Are you ticklish by any chance?" McCoy asked, randomly.

"Negative." Spock said.

"Not even the slightest?" McCoy's hands traveled to Spock's arm pits. "I find it hard to believe a hybrid has no tickle--" Spock put his hand in the way of McCoy's hand. "Ah, tickle spot. I won't tickle you that much. Tickle me a little and then you can tickle me more. I know how being tickled too much can kill you, darlin'." Spock lowered his hand eying at the doctor. "Deal?" McCoy held his free hand out toward the Vulcan while still feeling pleasure from Spock's penis inside him. "I promise it won't be that bad."

"In exchange you suck my penis, affirmative." Spock said.

"I never sucked a penis before." McCoy remarked.

"Nyota enjoyed it. Perhaps you will like it." Spock said.

McCoy could feel his head get red.

"Then you'll suck mine!" McCoy said.

Spock took McCoy's hand.

"That is a deal, Bones." Spock said.

And that was the best night McCoy had in ages.

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