Pieces of Light

26 year old Theresa Martinez is just living her normal life with her husband Troy and daughter, Charlotte. It's all fine until one day when disaster strikes at the heart of the happy family.

Copyrighted 2016


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The silence stayed for a few seconds, followed by the screams. Troy and I took one look and each other, and bolted for the door.

Nothing could have prepared us for the scene we found.

This morning our lawn was bare except the sandbox. Now, it was littered with chunks of metal, reflecting the sun. The debris wasn't in a trail, just sort of... Everywhere.

My gaze lifted from the lawn to the street, where I found what seemed to be the skeleton of what was once a car, and... Blood. So much blood. I began to feel light headed. Wait...

"Charlotte?" I called, scanning the area for her blonde pigtails. No sign of her. That's when panic started to set in. "Charlotte?!" I called again, a little louder. I took a few steps forward towards the eviscerated car, only to stop seconds later.

"CHARLOTTE!!" I screamed in part terror, part shock. Just a few feet away from the car lay my beloved daughter, not moving. I could feel myself falling to my knees.

"No, no, no this isn't happening!" I thought to myself.

I was broken from my state of shock by the sound of sirens. Loud and wailing, the ambulances pulled haphazardly into the street and driveways surrounding the accident scene. Troy helped me to my feet, and I turned to face him. He had tears streaming down his cheeks as be hugged me to his chest. By this time, all the neighbours had come out of their houses. Most were crying, others seemed just shocked.

We all watched as the paramedics lifted a small stretcher with Charlotte on it into the back of a waiting ambulance. Other paramedics were zipping a long black bag closed. My heart sank even lower. The driver.

We ran to our car and sped after the ambulance carrying our daughter. It arrived at the hospital, and she was rushed onto a gurney and wheeled away. We tried to follow.

"Excuse me? Sir, ma'am, you can't go there right now," a nurse stepped in front of us, blocking our path.

"But our daughter..." Troy started.

"Please just wait here for the time being." She said again.

We had no choice but to sit and wait, just wait for the probable heart shattering news.

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