Pieces of Light

26 year old Theresa Martinez is just living her normal life with her husband Troy and daughter, Charlotte. It's all fine until one day when disaster strikes at the heart of the happy family.

Copyrighted 2016


1. Chapter 1

**Author's note**

Hi guys! This is my first book, I hope you enjoy it! By the way, this entire story is original, please do not steal or pass it on as your own. Thanks!

Chapter 1

One word. Just one simple word can change everything, be the difference between pain and happiness, life and death. In our case, it was a text. If he hadn't looked away, typed that one word, one person wouldn't be critically injured, another dead.

It was a normal day. I had just gotten off work, picked up my 4 year old daughter Charlotte from a playdate, and drove home. We walked inside, and I got Charlotte a snack as I said hello to my husband, Troy. He had just been hired to work in a nearby high school, as a music teacher.

"Bonjour, ma chere!" He sang, picking me up and spinning me in a circle. "How was the office? Any more drama worth sharing?" We joke about this a lot. I work in a publishing house, and on most days I come home with stories about who dated who, or any other "scandal" that happens there. Very exciting.

"Nothing more than the usual," I respond with a shrug.

"That bad, eh?" Troy asks.

I was about to answer him when Charlotte came bursting in from the mudroom, where she had been getting her toys from her backpack. "Daddy!" She called happily. "I went over to Marsha's house and we played Barbies and watched Spongebob and her mom made us cookies!"

"Wow, sweetheart! That sure sounds like fun! Did you bring me any cookies?" Troy bent down and smiled at her.

"No silly! I ate them all!"

"Argh, but I was hungry! I guess I'll have to eat YOU then!" He laughed and started chasing her around the house, as she squealed with delight.

I stood by the door watching my family. How was I so lucky to have them? As they played, I started preparing dinner, salad with a chicken casserole. I turned on the small TV that's mounted in the corner, beside the phone. It went to a news channel, reporting a story about a 6 year old girl who was missing, presumed kidnapped.

"Wow," I thought to myself. "I can't even begin to imagine what I would do if anything ever happened to Charlotte."

Dinner went in the oven, and I sat down in the living room, watching Troy and Charlotte play in the front yard through the bay window. He was ticking her when her friend from next door, Chad came over. They started playing in the sandbox, so Troy came inside.

"Whew! That kid sure knows how to give a guy a workout..." Troy panted, flopping down on the couch beside me.

"Oh calm down!" I laughed. "You're only 28!"

We laughed and chatted for a little while longer, about Charlotte starting kindergarten in a couple months, and other things when everything changed.


And then it all went silent.

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