Time Again

Sigh. The medieval times.

Ahh yes. With kings and queens and princess and princes.

Where you had to go by rules or you'd be killed or put in the dungeon.

Those rules are where magic can't be used.

Fun times.


1. A Trip

Hello there. So this a taste of the new story I'm working on. Won't be continued till later when I have another story done.

I have way to many ideas and stores. Sigh.

This came to me in a dream tbh. I've been watching to much Merlin and Supernatural lately.

Anyway. I've almost got the next chapter for Touches done and the half of the next chapter for Deep done as well.

If you haven't checked them out I recommend you do so. According to people there pretty good. But if you wanna read Touches you gotta read Voices, it's the first book in the series.

Anywhore. This weekend has sucked ass. My baby died Saturday night and I've been crying on and off all weekend and I'm sure Thor week will be the same. If your confused who I'm talking about I'm talking about Olly, my opossum

I feel so lost without him tbh. He was my best friend and I'm so glad I have lots of pictures of him to remember him by. And I'm crying now. Okay new topic.

It's currently 11:10pm and I've got school tomorrow. Sigh. Goodnight guys and I love you!



Penelope's POV

I groan, throwing my head back. "Are we out of Pringles?" I shout as I shut the cabinet door.

Isabella comes in, leans against the door frame with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.

"You do know that we can't actually taste anything." She tells me and I lean against the counter.

I roll my eyes. "Yeah we can."

"Yeah, molecules taste oh so great." I can almost see the sarcasm in the air.

I throw my pail blue hair over my shoulder and sigh. "I sense there is sarcasm."

"Oh really I didn't notice." She says and I chuckle.

"So I have a question for you." She says as I walk past her. I go into our living room and plop down on the couch.

"And I have an answer." I tell her smiling cheekily up at her and she rolls her brown eyes.

She sits in the chair across from me and crosses her long legs. "Shut up. Listen. I was thinking sense we have nothing to do these days...." She trails off putting a loose piece of hair behind her ear, only for some to fall from behind anyway.

"Go on." I say as my phone dings, notifying me.

"I was thinking we could go on an adventure." She says grabbing my hands as I go to pick up my phone making me jump a little in my seat.

"A what." I dead pan. "Did you say an adventure?" I ask and she grins nodding her head rapidly. "Dude you know how I hate going outside." I tell her making her sigh but the smile never leaving her face.

Isabella has always been the more positive one out of us two.

"Oh please Penelope." She says and I think of all the horrible things that can happen outside.

I could see people. I would have to talk to them. Socialize.

I shudder and Isabella laughs. "C'mon Pen. It won't be that bad." She says hitting my shoulder.

I throw my hands up, "Fine." And I fall back on the couch making Isabella clap her hands and jump off the couch running up stairs for god knows what.

I grab my phone and see it was just a notification for Twitter.

"Penelope!" She yells from somewhere, most likely her room. "Pack! We're going on a trip!" Then she squeals afterwords.

I groan. Why me.

Me and her are total opposites. I'm the negative to her positive. Me and her have been friends sense the beginning of time basically.

I shake my head standing up. "Now?" I ask and I hear her sigh loudly. I'll take that as a yes.

I go to my room and grab an extra bag from my closet. What the hell am I going to need to go on this 'adventure'?

Where is she taking me is more of a good question.

I sigh and grab out two pairs of skinny jeans, three shirts and a sweater. I told them neatly in my bag so I'll have lots of room for other stuff. I look around wondering what else I'll need.

I grab out some underwear and socks. Who knows what will happen.

"So how long do you plan on being in this adventure?" I shout.

"Just a day or two." She tells me popping her head in the door. She walks in with overalls on and a pink shirt with tangerine running shoes. Her tan skin almost glowing against the pink shirt and her long brown hair. Her brown eyes big waiting like an eager puppy. She throws on a blue, grey hoodie over her outfit and puts a Bobbie pin in her hair.

I sigh. Alrighty.

I shake my head and throw a throw blanket in the bag and a small pillow.

"What else should I pack?" I mumble as Isabella  sits on my bed. Food. I snap my fingers and then smack myself.

I don't need food.

"You are so bright sometimes." Isabella says to me and I glare at her as I walk back to my bag.

"I don't think you'll need anything else." She says to me and I cross my arms.

"Okay." I say and zip my bag up. I throw it over my shoulder and I put on my sun glasses that change colour in the sun light.

"Where are we going? Please tell me it's somewhere warm and nice." I tell her as I slip on my turquoise vans.

Oh wait. I rush out and down the stairs and grab my black converse and stuff them into my bag. My loves.

I go back up to my room and stop in the hallway as the mirror catches my attention. I grab a head band and put it on my head and straighten out my shirt that almost matches my hair colour and pull my jean shorts down just a little as they were ridding up my legs.

I smile approving and go back into my room to see Isabella checking her self out in my mirror. I take my makeup bag from her and stuff it in the side of my bag.

I grab my purse and stuff my headphones and charger in it and make sure I have money for where ever we're going. Plus it has my gum in it.

She grabs my hand and giggles as she pulls me close making me groan.

Travelling like this is so much faster and cheaper but it takes a lot out of you and you could easily mess up. One slip on the thought and you're some random place. It's hard.

Plus it always makes me feel a little sick after. "Where are we going?" I ask her and she just grins at me.

Oh great.

"Do not get side tracked again. I rather not spend the next day or two with dinosaurs again." I say narrowing my eyes and she just gives me a cheeky grin and I close my eyes holding on to her tightly.

I feel the air around me change drastically and it gets pretty warm out all of a sudden and I fight the urge to open my eyes. It almost feels humid to be honest.

"Okay." She whispers. "On the count of three, we open." She says and I kid my was even though she can't see me with her own eyes shut.

"1.....2......3." We open our eye at the same time, brown meeting blue and I can see that took a lot out of her.

I look around and my smile drops.

"Where the hell are we?" I ask Isabella who look just as confused and disappointed as I am.

Oh no.

"Oh you didn't." I say and she frowns looking down at her shoes with a frown on her face.

"This isn't where you planed was it?" I ask and I grab onto the tree close to me and throw up whatever was in my stomach.

Stupid traveling.

I look around as I wipe my mouth an see a huge castle in the distance. Not to far away actually.

"What did you do?" I ask and she sighs leaning against a tree looking really tired. "What time period are we in? It must be far back because that took a lot of juice out of you." I say as I grab her shoulder to keep her up right.

"Not sure to be honest." She says and I bite my lip debating if we should go towards the building or not.

My concern for her takes over making me grumble under my breath as I help her walk right.

Stupid time travel.

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