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1. ~ All Chapters in Here~

Q: How do I contribute a piece of work or a book to the library? A: Message ClanDrone of the following: 

1.(Roblox Culture: Oder’s) Book Contribution (Helps me sort out my messages easier): 
2. Avioding the Oders Guide
3. Ciarahx   Author's Note: For all you people who run into them and don't know how to avoiod them or get rid of them.
4. A little guide on the Oders on Roblox or anywhere else
Thanks for choosing my book! In this book I am going to give you a guide on how
to aviod an oder, how to get out the situation, problems, and extra stuff.
I would like EVERYONE to know that Oding means online dating and thats it an
action NOT a look.

                           Chapter 1: Their Actions
We all should know the "123 for bf/gf or 123 for hot bf/gf" situation. Thats one way to know
that their an Oder. They'll ask you if you want to "go out". As on a date. Some people might even
just come out and pop the question saying "Wanna go out with me?" Obviously, your answer would
be no unless, your an oder to. Alot of Oders are usally on Boys & Girls hangout games, Roleplay games, and all
that. Sometimes, they are found ANYWEHRE! Espically, clubs like club sanity and all. They'll even say innapropriate things
they'll say they'll do to you or something like that. They'll even ask you if you wanna know what.

                          Chapter 2: A little about them
As stated in the last chapter, alot of Oders be at roleplaying games. Their even at clubs and all. Remember, be careful
of who you're around if you want to aviod an Oder. Most Oders NOT ALL usally wear 2.0s because it is most common for them to
wear. BUT NOT ALL people who Own/Wear 2.0s are oders. The boys usally wear 2.0s to and mostly that super hero package

                        Chapter 3: The DANGERS of Online Dating
Sometimes, behind the screen you could be dating a old fat person! Like who would want that? I know you wouldn't!
Your ahem, "bf/gf" might be criminals or even worse..stalkers. Usally, they'll ask you for your phone number or
your house adress which is NOT okay! I mean, you could be dating a little kid for crying out loud. If they come to
your house they might not be the person you thought they might be s3xual offenders or r@pist. Its the truth people. I 
mean you can never know whos behind the screen unless you know them personally or you video chat or something like that
or something else kik, instagram, snapchat, etc. Some couples even SHARE PASSWORDS another not ay okay! You should NEVER
give out your password even if you know them really well unless if you do thats your decision.

                     Chapter 4: Guide to Aviod them
If an Oder ask you if you want to go out simply say no if they don't stop bugging you report them, block them, and get over
it. Another way is if they keep asking you out or humping you or anything like that reset or just leave the game. A really
good way in my opinion is to act very stupid. Ask idiotic questions, act dumb, anything to make them go away. If that doesn't
work or anything see if you can kill them maybe over and over and make them lag. You can even make your self erm I mean
character "unattractive." By that I mean look like a noob, or ugly you know what I'm saying? They'll eventually go away. If
they keep stalking you again, report them to roblox trust me, they'll handle it.

                            Small note from author:
Thank you for reading my short guide on Oders. I hope these methods help you out a litte
better on oders. Who knows you might have learned something new? Anyways, there maybe plenty
more ways on how to aviod them and all but these were in my perspective. Thanks!


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