Ashton?Is that you?

Ashton would see a fan really nicely...But this one fan Amanda really hits him hard...Will he fall for her?


5. The Future.*Not the end of the story*

Rebeccas POV: Now that me and Ashton are out of school and have our own apartment we are having a lot of fun with the band and youtube. No not that like making * smack cams* and *pranks* so dont get your mine in a twist.Today was different we did have fun in that way. After about three weeks of waiting i took a prengency test because the band wanted me to see in case. So i took it and it was positive. I shoved it under the door and i heard Michael gasp. As soon as Ashton came in the room he knew, i was pregnant."babe..." i said" i know baby" he said as he was hugging me while crying."babe we are 20 now we can take care of the baby. I have a suprise for you baby." he said pulling me to the balcany with the Sydney sunset in back of us."Will you marry me?"  he asked me as getting on one knee.I started to cry."Yes baby" as i hugged him and the boys took a picture of us.


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