Only you

Kathy was a normal 17 year old girl. That loves to normal girl things. But what happens when she runs into the one and only Justin bieber


2. Chapter 2

Kathys pov: 

Rrrrrrrriiiing rrrrrrrrrrring rrrrrrrrrriiiiiiing. "UGH" I yelled in frustration. Who the hell is calling me at 7 in the morning. ON THE WEEKEND!!! rrrrrrrrrring rrrrrrrriiimg "WHAT!!!" I yelled into my iPhone. "Well someone's not a morning person" Christie said through the phone. "Yea yea what do you want" I asked. "Well...." Christie said. "What??"I said into the phone a little  annoyed "check Twitter " Christie said "why" I said " just do it " she said and hung up the phone. Well that's odd I thought I logged onto Twitter to see what's up and right there the last thing that was on my Twitter update was Justin bieber saying that he was in town. Let me tell you a little something about me and Justin. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH  but he doesn't know me sucker for me I logged out of Twitter and got up from bed and walked into the bathroom to do my normal  routine when I finished I walked into my kitchen yes I said MY kitchen and grabbed a water and my keys and headed to Starbucks for a drink  


                                                 AT STARBUCKS  

I grabbed my frap and found a table and sat down I pulled out my iPhone and logged onto Instagram and started looking on my Instagram when I heard someone talking I looked up and saw him Justin fucking Bieber I thought to myself why is he here why is he staring at me I had so many questions running through my head but I was interrupted by Justin talking "hmm" I asked not even knowing the question he just asked  he chuckled and said " I said if I could sit with you" "sure" I said he sat down and said " what is a beautiful girl like you doing here sitting all by yourself" I blushed at the fact that he called me beautiful " just decided to get out the house I guess" I said he laughed and said " I want to know if would like to come back to my place and hang with me and some friends" I smiled and said "sure" 



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