I'm Alive

17 year old, Eli Grey, cared for nothing more than his two younger brothers, but one day everything he loves is taken away.

This has some parts that are hard to read, nothing too bad though. Just read with caution


1. Vedio - Eli's POV

"I will never forget the day I became an only child. More like an orphan, but at the time, my parents weren't in my family. It was a normal Saturday when it happened. My brother Jace had a baseball game while my other brother Louis had a piano concert. I was the oldest of the family, my brothers were my world. "Divide and concur!" My dad would say. Mom took Louis and my Dad took Jace and I, I didn't really have the patients to sit through a concert." I pause looking down at my scarred hands.  

"Should I start at the beginning?" I ask the people recording me. The man behind one of the camera's nodded. So I began. 

"My Name is Eli Grey, I am 17 years old. I now live in Timber Lake, the only safe place in the world. It began a month ago. On a normal Saturday, like I said before. I am alive. . . I AM ALIVE!" I yelled, shaking. One of the men behind the camera came and took my arm, pulling me out of the room. I yelled one last time. "I AM ALIVE!" The man pulled me completely out of the room, he had a bat in his hand. He let go of my arm, and BAM my world went dark.   

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