On The Edge


2. The new Ordinary

 I went into my house and sat on my bed. Gunshots fired through the night; another rebel was killed. I hopped off my bed and stared out of my dark window. The rebel was Sally Gerkin, a girl who usually followed all of the rules. I plopped on my bed once again and closed my eyes. About halfway through the night, a notification popped up on my computer.

 It was a message from my friend.

 DisturbedCorruption: Hey. How's it going? Any news?

  ThisCruelWorld: No, not yet. I'm scared to death.

 DisturbedCorruption: Don't worry, Mason. It'll be okay.

   ThisCruelWorld: I used to think so, but now, it's like I have no clue what to think.

 DisturbedCorruption: Why won't you just go talk to her?

    ThisCruelWorld: Sarah, you know I can't do that. It's harder than you think.

   DisturbedCorruption: Mason, I tell you this every day, stop being negative. Tomorrow we have a day off of school. If you need help, I will come.

   ThisCruelWorld: Okay, okay. I'll message you when I'm awake.

 With that, I logged off. I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep once again.

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