Annie's Experience

Annie went to a 5SOS concert, and went back stage and met Luke Hemmings! As soon as Luke saw Annie, he fell in LOVE with her! Luke thought she was very beautiful, and he liked her shirt, pants and shoes!!!! Tune into the first chapter of my story soon!!!! BTW Annie-19, Kiera-19, Diana-19. Also The band is Luke-19, Michael-20, Calum-20, Ashton-21. Michael and Kiera have kids. Also see who Annie has kids with!!!

This story has a series.


8. One Crazy Night For Them Part #3

No one- So Ashton and Calum walk in the room and see Kiera and Michael sitting on the couch watching Netflix, and then they saw Annie and Luke on the bed naked having sex. Ashton got mad at Luke for having sex with Annie.


Ashton- We walked in the room and saw Michael and Kiera sitting on the couch watching Netflix, then they kissed. Then, I walked into the bedroom and saw Luke and Annie having sex, they were butt naked. Luke was on top of Annie, and they were kissing, his penis was seriously inside of Annie's fagaga. Then I said because I was mad, "Luke get the heck off of Annie, she is moaning, can't you tell? She is trying to gasp for air, stop kissing her."

Luke- Ashton walked in the bedroom, and told me to get off Annie, so I did. Annie ran into the bathroom, (it was connected to the bedroom), and she started to cry. So I went into the bathroom after I got dressed and she was already dressed some how? I asked her, "Are you okay? What is wrong?"

Annie- When Ashton walked in the bedroom me an Luke were still having sex, so I was trying to gasp for air because we were kissing to long, and I was moaning because Luke's penis was wiggling round in my fagaga, and he bit my lip. I ran to the bathroom after Luke got off me, (I got my clothes), and when I went into the bathroom I started crying while I was getting dressed. Luke asked me a question, so I said while I was crying, "I am not okay, Ashton just saw us having sex, he likes me too, you know that right?"

Luke- "I didn't know that, do you like both of us? It is okay if you do." I asked her.

Annie- "Yes! I like both of you, and you both like me." I told Luke telling the truth.

Ashton- "Can you come out Annie please? I am sorry Luke for getting mad at you." I asked them from outside the bathroom.

Annie- "We are coming out right now." I told Ashton. When we got out of the bathroom Ashton picked me up and hugged me. "Are you okay with me dating both of you right now?" I asked Luke and Ashton.

Ashton and Luke- "That is fine with us!" we both said at the same time. We all group hugged.

Kiera- "Annie come here, I need to talk to you in private." I told Annie. She came over to me because I was in the kitchen. "We both have a boyfriend, but you have two, what is with that?" I asked Annie.

Annie- I went with Kiera to the kitchen and she asked me a few questions, "Ya, I do have two, But two Awesome boyfriends!" I said with excitement. I walked back to Ashton and Luke and kissed Ashton on the lips first, then I kissed Luke on the lips. "Boys let's go to bed, it has been a long night, and I am tired." I told them.


No one- They went to bed, there was one king bed, (which Annie, Ashton, and Luke slept, Annie was in the middle), and there was one queen bed, (which Michael and Kiera slept on), and there was one twin sized bed, (which Calum slept on). They all went to bed and......



Tune in soon for the next chapter!!! It will be soon, I promise!!! Hope you liked it!!! Please LIKE, FAVORITE, AND COMMENT IF YOU LIKED THE CHAPTER!!!! Love ya guys!!!

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