Annie's Experience

Annie went to a 5SOS concert, and went back stage and met Luke Hemmings! As soon as Luke saw Annie, he fell in LOVE with her! Luke thought she was very beautiful, and he liked her shirt, pants and shoes!!!! Tune into the first chapter of my story soon!!!! BTW Annie-19, Kiera-19, Diana-19. Also The band is Luke-19, Michael-20, Calum-20, Ashton-21. Michael and Kiera have kids. Also see who Annie has kids with!!!

This story has a series.


28. Last Chapter/ Author's Note

Hope ya'll liked this book! This book will have a series to it. Since this is the last chapter I would like to thank all my reader's for reading this story. I LUV ya'll soooooooo much!! I had so much fun writing this story! I hope you liked to read this story. Comment on names for Kiera's and Mikey's baby! Hope you guys will like my other book that goes with this one!!! BYEEEEEEE PEEPS!!

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