Annie's Experience

Annie went to a 5SOS concert, and went back stage and met Luke Hemmings! As soon as Luke saw Annie, he fell in LOVE with her! Luke thought she was very beautiful, and he liked her shirt, pants and shoes!!!! Tune into the first chapter of my story soon!!!! BTW Annie-19, Kiera-19, Diana-19. Also The band is Luke-19, Michael-20, Calum-20, Ashton-21. Michael and Kiera have kids. Also see who Annie has kids with!!!

This story has a series.


11. Day #2 Together

No one- Michael and Kiera, and Ashton and Annie went to the movies and watched the 5SOS movie because it was in theaters. Then Annie and Ash had sex, while Michael and Kiera were watching the movie. Then Annie and Ash watched the movie while Kiera and Michael had sex. Then they went home and fell asleep because they were so tired.


Ashton- Today Annie, Mikey, Kiera, and I are going to the theaters to see our movie before they release it to the public. So now we are in the car driving there and in the car Annie falls asleep on my shoulder, and I kiss her head! When we get there I kiss her head and tap her butt, and she wakes up. We kiss, then we get out of the car and go inside.

Annie- So today we are at the movies to watch their movie, but it will only be us four in the huge theater! On the way there I fall asleep on Ash's shoulder, and he kissed my head! Then, when we got there he kissed my head, and tapped my butt and it woke me up. SO now we are inside walking to the room where we watch the movie. The room is huge, and it has two queen sized beds! "Guys did you put this together because if so AWESOME!" I asked the boys.

Kiera- We are in the room to watch the movie and after about five minutes they start the movie! There are no cameras in the room! But, there were two beds we can sit on and do whatever we want to on! "Annie, you want to come with me to go get some snacks?" I asked Annie.

Annie- "Ya, let's go get the snacks!" I said, "Boys what do you want?"

Ashton- "I would like eight top shots, (which make you drunk fast), popcorn, and some candy! We can share Annie!" I told Annie sneakily.

Michael- "I would like eight top shots as well, popcorn, and some candy too! We can share Kiera!" I said to Kiera sneakily too.

Annie and Kiera- "Okay, we will be back!" we told the boys.

Annie- "We will just get the stuff for the boy's and we will share with them. Is that a good idea?" I ask Kiera.

Kiera- "Ya, we can just do that. I will pay for the stuff for Mikey, and you can pay for the stuff for Ash. Sound good? I ask Annie as we get to the line and order. We get the stuff and walk back to the room where we are watching the movie at and they start the movie.

Ashton- When Annie got back we ate some skittles we feed each other, then we both had four shots each. We were so drunk that Annie and I started to kiss, I then picked her up and got on top of her and then she started to moan. After like ten minutes we were naked and we were dancing for some reason and they stopped the movie and put on music and we danced nakedly, then Kiera and Mickey started to get drunk too. They got undressed and danced too with us.

Kiera- After like twenty minutes, we were all naked dancing and it was awesome because no one could see us and we were bonding. But then after like an hour we stopped dancing and we all fell asleep on the beds after we go dressed. Then we slept for and hour and the movie was over, so we woke up, and made sure we were all dressed and we went and signed the papers to release the movie in theaters.

Michael- After we signed the paper to release the movie we went home, ate pizza and watched movies all nigh and fell asleep at like 5 a.m. It was super crazy.



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