Annie's Experience

Annie went to a 5SOS concert, and went back stage and met Luke Hemmings! As soon as Luke saw Annie, he fell in LOVE with her! Luke thought she was very beautiful, and he liked her shirt, pants and shoes!!!! Tune into the first chapter of my story soon!!!! BTW Annie-19, Kiera-19, Diana-19. Also The band is Luke-19, Michael-20, Calum-20, Ashton-21. Michael and Kiera have kids. Also see who Annie has kids with!!!

This story has a series.


9. Day #1 Together

No one- Today the band did not have a concert because their next concert was in five days! So today the band and the girls went to the mall and a bar. They all got drunk, went home and something happened...


Michael- "Let's go to the bar today, but later tonight. In the mean while let's go to the mall!" I said.

All of them but Michael- "Ya, let's get ready and go to the mall, then after come drop off the stuff we got, then go to the bar." we all said at the same time.

Ashton- "Well I guess we have our plan for the day!" I said with cheer! So we got to the mall, and it was closed for the day, but since we are celebrities we got in! We went shopping in Claires and the girls got earrings, and a stuff animal! They were so happy! Then, we went into the candy store and I bought Annie a unicorn that came with a basket of candy. She was so happy that she kissed me,  and hugged me, so when she hugged me, I picked her up and we started to kiss. Then we decided that wasn't the time for that?:( LOL!

Annie- Ashton bought me a stuff animal unicorn, and it came with a basket of candy! "Thx Ash! This is so cool!" I said as I started to kiss him! I kissed him and hugged him, he picked me up for like a minute while we kissed, then I got off and whispered, "later Ash!"

Ashton- "No problem!" I said to Annie because she said, "Thx". We kissed and I picked her up, then after a minute she got off and said, "later", then we left the mall, went home and dropped off all the stuff.


No one- They are on their way to the bar after they dropped their stuff off at the hotel. Annie and Ashton kissed a few times on the way to the bar, and Annie and Luke kissed like two times on the way to the bar. Then Michael and Kiera kissed a few times on the way there too! They got there and here is what happened....


Kiera- "Michael and I will go get the 12 shots and bring them to the VIP section! So please go save the VIP spots for us!" I asked them nicely. So we got the 12 shots and went back over to the table, and we all got 2 shots each. We drank one at a time, but we all drank it at the same time. They were gone in like one minute. The shots kicked in after like 2 minutes, Michael and I were kissing and I was on top of Michael!

Michael- So we got the shots, and drank them. Then Kara and I started to kiss and she got on top of me! Then we decided to tell the others we should go before things get worse, so I said, "Let's go before things get worse guys!"

Ashton- We got the shots then after two minutes I realized Annie and I were kissing, like really kissing, I was on top of her, and I was seriously kissing the crap out of her, then Michael said we should go so I got off Annie and she got on my back and we left.

Annie- The shots were so effective Ashton and I were kissing, he was on top of me, and then Michael said we should leave so Ash got off me?:(

Calum- Luke and I both had shots, and since Luke and I were so drunk we got on the dance floor and he started to hump me, and I liked it, but Michael said we should leave so we left.


No one- They all got super drunk, and that was the point they wanted. So they went home and Annie and Ash went strait to the King sized bed, Kiera and Michael went to the Queen sized bed and they kissed for like 2 minutes then fell asleep, and Kiera's leg was on top of Michael and her head was on his chest, Luke and Calum went and sat on the couch to watch Netflix, and things got crazy with Annie and Ashton...


Michael- Kiera and I went straight to the bed, we kissed for two minutes then she fell asleep with her leg on mine, and her head was on my chest, so I kissed her head and we fell asleep.

Kiera- Mickey and I went straight to the bed, we kissed for 2 minutes, then I put my leg on his and I put my head on his chest, he kissed me on the head, then we fell asleep.

Ashton- We got home and I carried Annie to the king sized bed, she took off my shirt and pants, while I took off her shirt and shorts. She started to take off my boxers and I let her, so I unbuckled her bra, and took it off her, and pulled off her underwear. She started to rub my dick, it felt so good! Then after like 2 minutes she started to suck my penis and she sucked it for 2 minutes. (We are naked right now). We then started to kiss I got on top of Annie and I put my penis into her fagaga, and she moaned.

Annie- Ash and I went straight to the bed, we got undressed and we had sex, I moaned a few times, and so did he. I then told him to get off me, and he did. I went into the kitchen to get water, after I got dressed. I ate a tiny apple slice went to the bed, Ashton already had his clothes on, and he was just laying in the bed. I got in bed and layed my head on Ash, and Ash kissed my head, then we fell asleep.

Luke- Calum and I went straight to the couch and sat down and watched a few episodes of Fuller House, then I went to the twin sized bed to go to sleep, and I went to sleep because I was super tired.

Calum- Luke and I went to the couch watched a few episodes of Fuller House and then Luke went to the twin sized bed to sleep, while I slept on he couch.



Thx to anyone who has read, liked, and favorited my story!!! I hope if you liked this chapter and haven't liked, or favorited my story please do so!! Hope you liked the story!! Tune is soon for the next chapter!!!

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