The boys behind the eyes

Kayla and Layla are twins and they do everything together. But the realest of their twinship will be the boys behind the eyes. Read this book to find out if their twinship will survive or if it will come crashing down in flames.


5. Stacey

     Nash came to pick me up on Monday for school.  “Hey beautiful.”  Nash said as I climbed into the passenger seat of his car. “Hey Nash.”  I replied and he leaned over his seat and kissed me.  We drove to school in silence.  But it wasn’t awkward silence it was nice.  It was the type when you have everything to talk about but don’t feel like talking so you don’t.  nash took his one hand hand off the steering wheel and took my hand in his.  He kissed my hand and then put them on the shifter.  When we got got school I was going to get out but then Nash ran around the car and opened my door for me.  “Why thank you boyfriend.”  “You are most welcome girlfriend.”  We laughed and walked into school.  We walked to my locker and then his, then to homeroom.  After four long hours of school it was finally lunch time.  I went to my locker expecting nash to be waiting for me there, but he wasn’t.  So I got my lunchbox and went to his locker and he wasn’t there either.  So I walked down to the cafeteria I was terrified to see Stacey and Nash kissing right by the cafeteria.  “OH MY GOD NASH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!”  I screamed.  He pulled away from Stacey and she saw me and smirked.  “Kayla omg I’m so sorry I didn’t tr-”  I cut him off.  “I don’t care Nash just never talk to me again, I knew this was to good to be real.”  I ran off, in the opposite direction of the cafeteria and Nash.  Warm fresh tears were streaming down my face.  I ran past Hayes and Layla holding hands walking towards the caf.  I ran down the halls, up the stairs and into a janitor's closet.  I fell to the floor on my knees and cried, and cried like never before.  I heard Layla and the boys calling my name so I quieted down my crying so they wouldn’t find me.  “Over here guys.”  Someone said.  I took my only window of time to run out of the closet and back down to the caf.  Instead of sadness now I felt anger towards Stacey.  I found where she was sitting and walked up to her.  “Hey look guys freak show is back.”  She stood up, now was my moment.  I tightened my fists and used all of the power in me and punched Stacey right in the jaw.  She fell over crying and a teacher came up and pulled me away to the principal's office I assumed.  We walked past nash and I said, “I punched your girlfriend in the face, have fun with that one.”  The stunned look on his face was the best part of the whole thing.


Sorry it is so short I have been focusing on some of my other stories but I hope you enjoy it. Oh and if you wan to be in one of my stories look on Just Neighbors and the details are on one of the bottom of the chapters. Thanks ;)

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