The boys behind the eyes

Kayla and Layla are twins and they do everything together. But the realest of their twinship will be the boys behind the eyes. Read this book to find out if their twinship will survive or if it will come crashing down in flames.


1. Pilot

I heard the sneakers hit the floor before I registered who it was.  He walked into the classroom and picked a seat.  Mrs. Davidson silenced the class.  

“Hello Winterside, and good morning to all.”  The announcements came over the intercom so loud and so fast that I jumped out if my seat.  In turn making my all my books fall and all my papers fly through the air.

“Crap.”  I got out of my seat and tried not to listen to the quiet and not so subtle laughs forming in the room.  I started picking up my papers when I saw him too picking up my binders out of the corner of my eye.  When he was finished he came up to me and handed my sky blue binder to me including all of the papers that came out of it.  

“Thank you so much….” I didn’t know his name.

“Nash, my name is Nash Grier.  you may now my younger less attractive brother Hayes.”

“Thanks Nash and no I don’t but what grade is he in because I skipped two grades.  But my twin sister Layla might know him, I’ll ask her later.”  Ugh I was doing it again.  When I get nervous I ramble on and on.  And Nash Grier just talked to me, of course I was nervous.  Nash was one of the most popular boys in school and his younger brother was slightly less popular, but still.

“Okay….”  He didn’t know my name.  Of course he didn’t know it, why would he.


Okay Kayla, see ya later.”  He went back to his seat and went onto his phone.  I sat back in my seat and organized my binder again for the rest of homeroom.

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