The boys behind the eyes

Kayla and Layla are twins and they do everything together. But the realest of their twinship will be the boys behind the eyes. Read this book to find out if their twinship will survive or if it will come crashing down in flames.


2. Lunch

The bell rang signaling everyone of the end of the period and time for lunch.  I got up and went to my locker and then Layla’s.  When I walked up to hers I had to ask.

“Hey Layla do you know Hayes?”  She looked up at me surprised.

“Of course I “know” Hayes.”  She put air quotes around “know”.  “Everyone in this school knows who he is, doesn’t mean we know him.  Why do you ask?”  

“Well…”  I paused not knowing how to explain it.  “In homeroom today his brother, Nash, talked to me.  It was nothing he just helped my pick up my papers, but he talked to me.”  She look annoyed.

“Kayla he does that with every girl, he makes them feel special for five minutes and then never talks to them again.  Don’t worry about it he was justing being him.”  She was right I was being stupid.

“You’re right I’m just being stupid.  Come on let’s go to lunch.”  We walked together to lunch and when we got to our usual table we both gasped.  There sitting at OUR table was the most popular girls in school.

“Ummm.”  Layla started but stopped.

“Oh cat got your tongue!”  Stacy, the head of the group said.  The whole table burst into laughter and I could see Layla’s face start to turn the color of a ripe tomato.  I grabbed her arm and pulled her away before she cried.  Layla was the sensitive one.

“Grow up Stacy.”  I growled back at the table.  I pulled Layla down into a seat at another table.      We were eating and everything was just fine until I saw nash and hayes walking in our direction.

“Quick teeth check.”  We checked to make sure there was no food in our teeth.

“Clear!”  We both yelled at the same time.  It’s kind of a twin thing.  Nash sat down next to Layla and she scooted closer to the edge just as hayes sat down in the empty seat next to me.  

“Hey Kayla.”  nash said to Layla.  We looked at eachother and laughed.

“What is so funny?”  Nash asked

“Umm well…”  I continued laughing.  “I’m Kayla, that’s Layla.  We are twins.”  This time Hayes was the one to laugh.

“Oh.”  Nash said. “That it explains why you two look identical.”

“That would do it.  Now what do you guys want?”  Layla said.  She was also the sarcastic one.

“Well….Nash wanted to ask you on a date Kayla.”  I looked at him confused.

“Well there’s a twist.”  I said.I looked at Nash, he looked at me and I looked back at Hayes.

“So Hayes what do you get out of this?”  He looked at Layla.  I got it before she did.

“I guess nothing really.”  He said sadly.

“Come on man, Layla Hayes likes you.”  Layla looked up at Hayes in surprisement.

“Really?”  She looked happy.  I pulled her by the am and  told the boys that we would be right back.  We got to the bathroom and I asked her what had happened from “they do this to every girl”.

“Well we could give them a shot and make it a double date.”

“Okay whatever”  We walked back to the table.

“We will go with you guys on a double date, but only if we get to pick when and where.”

“Deal”  They said at the same time.

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