Black, Grey, White and Lime green

Sam draws in shades- Black, Grey and White. With his mental pain, the colour of his life seems to grow darker and darker. But when Lucy's colour comes into his life, it might make his palette brighten.


4. Chapter 4

The next morning I walked to school. I got to form and sat and took out my art book. No one was there just me and the images on paper. I looked at my most recent drawing, two hands clasped together. I studied the shadowing by each knuckle and the debts and dips of the human hand. All of a sudden I heard the door Spring open. "Hi Sam," it was Lucy of course, "what are you doing?" I tried to hide the sketch book, whilst looking as innocent as possible, but Lucy noticed it." What's that?" and I reluctantly gave it to her.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, whilst Lucy poured over the pages, my private pages, filled with my artwork. Once she got to my last picture, she gave a great sigh. "Those are amazing Sam," I looked over at her, embarrassed. "Thanks," I replied awkwardly. "Why don't you do extra curricular art work?" she looked puzzled. "I just like me drawing that's it nothing more, nothing less." We held a gaze for a moment, until… "you alright brain cell," it was Mat Twills. "Wait guys," he looked around at them in mock confusion," I think we may have walked on something private at here," he looked around and then they all burst out laughing," come on Sam we all know you can't get a girl this hot," he eyed Lucy up, "if you want to come and sit with us, you're welcome. Don't stay with the brain cell," they all laughed. "Personally out of you- the extreme idiot and pompous ," Lucy swore loudly," or Sam, it seems that Sam is ten times more appealing then all of you best qualities put together." The group of boys look taken a back, "fine sit with the loser, you can join him in that category," and the group of boys walked to the back.

The day slowly passed. Lessons ,break , lessons ,lunch and finally art. The class carried in with the stills, me working with charcoal, Lucy with bright, exuberant paints. "This is my favourite colour," said pointing at a lime green fruit, "it's so happy and uplifting." I stared at my own painting. It was a mixture of all my favourite colours, black, grey and white, all fused together to create the bowl of fruit we were making on paper. I the realised. I only drew in shades. I only drew in the colours of my life.

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