Black, Grey, White and Lime green

Sam draws in shades- Black, Grey and White. With his mental pain, the colour of his life seems to grow darker and darker. But when Lucy's colour comes into his life, it might make his palette brighten.


2. Chapter 2

Fourth period was art. Yes! We were drawing stills again. We'd been given a bowl of fruit per table and were told to draw it. "Very good Sam," complemented Mr Rawlings," I love your use of the dark charcoal colours, which you used last time. Have you ever considered using bright coloured drawing material?"

"I've thought about it, but I prefer using darker materials," it was the same thing I told every time he asked me about my work and it was true, I did prefer to use darker materials. I turned back to my piece. There was a knock on the class door and a girl entered. Her hair was long and brown and fell to her waist. She wore school uniform but had made certain adjustments, like the bright pink belt or the multi coloured flower pinned to her tie. Her eyes shone bright blue."Hi, I'm Lucy, I'm new."

"Ah I was wondering when the new person would turn up," she looked slightly embarrassed," well there's a seat next to Sam," he pointed towards me,"I'll get you a sheet of paper, we're drawing stills today, in that cupboard you'll find a selection of materials which you can choose from."

"Thanks," she went over to the cupboard and returned to the seat next to me. "Hi I'm-"

"Lucy, I heard."

"And your Sam, right?" I nodded and turned back to my work.

We sat there in silence over the next hour, as this was a double period we didn't finish until the end of school. Around 20 minutes before the bell another convosation began. "Wow that's so good," it was Lucy. I looked over at her work and saw a mixture of bright pastille colours, forming the bowl of fruit in front of us. "Yours is good to," I turned back to my work. "Why don't you add colour?" asked Lucy.

"I prefer to draw black and white," I paused, "why don't you at blacks and whites."

"Because I like drawing in colour," she smiled.

"Please put your name on your drawing and hand it to me on your way out, we will continue with stills next lesson," Mr Rawlings voice always ended a lesson. We packed up and walked out of the classroom. "Which way you heading?" asked Lucy.

"That way," I pointed the way I usually walk.

"Same, we can walk together," I was going to answer but she didn't really give me much choice and so we set off.

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