The witch and the demon

In the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, a teenage girl named Jelsa had been lied to all her life. Her parents had held the key to one of her greatest secrets, that would later unlock an even greater secret. Jelsa was a witch. Her parents had a reason to keep this secret. But what was it?
I do not own Gravity Falls or any of the characters except Jelsa. And Jelsa is not the shipping, it is a mixture of my name (Julia) and Elsa.


4. School

   I woke up around 3:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep. Who was this guy?! Why was he in my dream? Is it one of those weird symbolic dreams? In all honesty, I had no idea what it meant or if even meant anything. 
       Today was the last day of school, so I got dressed and ready early I didn't have to get up for until like...6. My head still buzzed with questions. As I braided my hair, I noticed something weird in the mirror. The guy. When I turned around, he wasn't there. Then I felt something on my head. When I looked up, it was him.
  "Hey flames, miss me?" He asked as everything around me got gray. 
  "Not exactly. I want to know who you are and why you're following me." I said in a dull manner. He just started laughing and took his arm off of my head.
  "You remind me of someone." He said while getting in my face. I kept a poker face on though. 
  "Yeah. You and pine tree have a lot in common. Normally if you mix fire with trees you get destruction. Maybe I should introduce you two some time." He said. I started to wonder. 
  "Well if fire and trees cause destruction...why do you want to introduce us?" I asked. Again...he laughed.
  "Let's just say I like destruction." He smirked. I sighed. 'I feel like I won't get a straight answer out of him.' I thought.
  "And you won't. No matter how find I get of you." My eyes widened at this. Did he read my mind? 
  "Did you just-"
  "Yep." He said. I was starting to get a head ache. 
  "Oh and you might want to...wake up." He said as he began to fade away. Then, I began to hear beeping. 
  "WAKE UP!" I jolted up in a panic thinking that he was there screaming in my ear.
  "Shhh! Keep it down I don't want my parents to see-" I stopped after realizing it was my mom. Looking fairly angry. 
  "Don't want us to see what?" She asked. I shook my head.
  "Nothing. It was in my dream." I said. I stood up and looked at the clock. 6:55. 'I ONLY HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO GET TO SCHOOL!!?' I thought. 
  "I'll be in the car..get ready." I nodded and brushed my teeth and put on my shoes and black makeup. Then I ran out of the house. 
  After an uneventful car ride, I made it to my school with one minute to spare. All of the cliques were sitting in the halls, gossiping and I had a bad feeling about it. Why you may ask? Kristen. Kristen Northwest. The oldest daughter of the Northwest's. She's a horrible person who manipulates new people, making them think she was their friend and then bam! She stabs you in the back with rumors and public humiliation. 
  How do I know this? Easy. I've seen it happen to many of her so called 'friends'. Although I've never seen it happen to Brianna or Jade. They've been her friend since kindergarten or something like that. I've never been her friend. I've known her motives since day one. She's evil and manipulative and a bitch. 
   The bell rang and everyone scurried off, like little mice, to class.
~Time Skip~
  When I got to class a lot of people were just sitting there, talking. But of course, when I walked in, everything got quiet. I froze as Kristen stood up. 
  "Where were you yesterday, freak? Huh? Were you out there worshipping the devil all day?" She tormented. As other people began to laugh at her words(and me) I walked to my desk. Kristen watched my every move with malicious eyes, like the eyes of a lioness stalking her prey. She slammed her hands on my desk.
  "You didn't answer my question Scary Mary!" She yelled. I rolled my eyes. 
  "I had a family problem yesterday. Happy I told you?" I said. She just smirked. 
  "Aww. Still in mourning honey? Who was it? Your pet bat? Huh Count Dracula?" She taunted. Everyone burst out laughing. I sat in silence. Then it hit me.
  "'re as fake as the food in fast food joints." I smirked. Her eyes widened as the room boomed with laughter. 
  "Hey! At least I have a tan!" She yelled. I smirked even wider. 
  "I didn't say anything about your tan. But, by saying that you're admitting it's fake." I said. She grabbed my braid and pulled me closer to her face.
  "Look you emo bitch, I will end you. I'll make the next 3 and a half years of high school a living hell for you." She threatened. The bell rang and the teacher walked in. 
  "Kristen, please take your seat." She said. Kristen let go of me and smiled sweetly. 
  "Sorry ma'am, I was just saying hi to my dear friend Jelsa." She said, gritting her teeth more toward the end. 
  "Just sit down." She said. Kristen nodded and sat down. Then the lesson started. And it bored me. Bored me to sleep.
   "Flames.." I heard as I stirred in my sleep. I felt a tap on my shoulder.
  "Flames get up." I groaned.
  "Get up." I felt a push and I fell out of my seat. At first I panicked, but then I saw the black and white world.
  "Bill." I said monotonously. He smirked and poked my side.
  "Did ya miss me?" He asked. I nodded.
  "I'll admit it. I did a little." I said. He sighed.
  "I saw what happened. I would love to torment her for a while." He said looking at Kristen.
  "Do you like her or something?" I asked.
  "No. She just seems like the kind of person who would kill themselves in order to get me to leave them alone." He said grinning widely, his pupils gone and his eyes all white. 
  "Why don't you try?" I asked. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. 
  "Eh. Just can't right now. I have some things to plan." He said. I nodded. 
  "Hey, is there anyway you could talk to me when I'm not asleep?" I asked. 
  "Yeah why?" He asked.
  "Maybe I need someone to talk to." I said. He smirked.
  "I have an idea." He said.

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