The witch and the demon

In the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, a teenage girl named Jelsa had been lied to all her life. Her parents had held the key to one of her greatest secrets, that would later unlock an even greater secret. Jelsa was a witch. Her parents had a reason to keep this secret. But what was it?
I do not own Gravity Falls or any of the characters except Jelsa. And Jelsa is not the shipping, it is a mixture of my name (Julia) and Elsa.


5. Deal?

   "If you let me posses you whenever I want, I'll follow you outside of the mindscape and you won't have to fall asleep to see me again. Do we have a deal?" He asked, hand lit in blue fire. I looked around the frozen, monochrome room. 
  'Should I?' I thought. Being a girl who's kind of a shut in, it gets lonely. I need someone to talk to once in a while. 
  'If I were to agree, would it be the right choice?' I asked myself in my thoughts. He smirked at me. 
  "You won't regret it, kid." He stated. I wasn't sure what to do. 
  "Why do you need my body? Can't you just creepily sneak up on people and watch them?" I asked. He stopped for a second and pretended to think.
  "It wouldn't be the same." He said shrugging. I kept coming up with questions and he kept giving me vague answers.
  "Look, I get it. You have questions. I can answer them for you let me posses you. Do we have a deal?" I kept thinking. It still didn't feel right.
  "I don't have all day. I have things to do." He said. 
  "Does that mean that you wouldn't need me? That you can do things without me?" I asked. He sighed and rubbed his temples out of frustration.
  "Deal?" He asked with a hand out. He obviously wasn't going to answer my question. 
  "Deal." I said quietly, shaking his hand. For some sort of a reason, I got a feeling. A hunch, a vision. I shouldn't have done that.

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