*I have this classified as a fan fiction only because the main girl's brother is Markiplier. But, other than that, it's just a normal story.*
Rosemarie is a drawing fanatic, video game addict, and no where near normal. Her two best friends go to a different school, and she can't keep three bullies off her back. She just wants something to go right in her life.


4. Yes and Yes


          “So Kitty, are you excited to head to New York?” I smile and reach for my bowl of Chex Mix.

          “Of course,” Kitty replies. “I’m dreading the weather though.”

          “You’ll have a peaceful weekend without your bitchy stepmom,” Spence laughs.

          “That’ll be nice. But I was hoping to hang with you guys. Can’t control when babies are born,” she shrugs.

          “It’s alright,” I giggle. “We will have plenty more opportunities this year to get together.”

          “So, did your aunt have a boy or a girl?” Spence questions.

          “She had a girl,” Kitty smiles. “Out of all my cousins, on my mom’s side, the count now is eight boys and three girls.”

          “Wait, that’s not right,” I bring my eyebrows together in confusion.

          “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys,” she lets out a laugh. “Both of you remember Bobby?”

          “Yeah,” Spence and I answer.

          “Well, he is a she now,” Kitty nods. “She came out as transgender last year. She’s eight now, and most of my family has accepted her with open arms. She still goes by Bobby; in fact, she loves her name.”

          “That’s amazing,” I smile. “She’s so brave to do what she did.”

          “Now she’s working on becoming a girl fully on the outside. She changed her room, and I’m helping her changing her wardrobe this weekend. It’ll be so much fun. She’s actually, always looked up to me. Being able to help her in a way I know means the world to her.”

          “Being the big sister to her?” Spence asks.

          “Pretty much,” Kitty smiles. “But enough about my trip. Spence told me you two are going on a date.”

          I open my mouth to tell her off, but Spence beats me to it. Kind of.

          “I don’t think her coming to my hockey practice would be considered a date. Maybe going to the café and old bookstore is, but that’s up to Rosie to decide,” Spence shrugs. “It doesn’t matter though. We’re just best friends, right?”

          “Um,” I shove some Chex Mix into my mouth to give myself a few more seconds to think.

          I just told Liz that I think Spence are I will only ever by best friends. That a relationship would only ruin our friendship. Hearing him say what I believe is true, though, makes me sad. I can’t want something more. Can I?

          “Best friends dating only works out in the movies,” I lean back against my bedroom wall.

          “Aw,” Kitty pouts. “Well, if you guys say so. Just, you would be so cute together.”

          I roll my eyes, “Hm, yeah, sure, I guess.”

          “I’ve heard that a lot,” Spence grins and looks down. A light blush appearing on his cheeks. “Anything can happen.”


          “Um, mom, I’ve been meaning to ask you something kind of important,” I speak up after we’ve filled our plates and sat down for dinner.

          “What is it dear?” My mother smiles. “I’ve actually got something important to tell you.”

          “Oh, um, well,” I take a quick sip of my water. “I’m not having the best time, at school. Kitty, Spence, and I were talking about it, and Mark lives in the right school district. So, maybe, at the end of the school year, I could move in with him. And, I would visit you as much as possible. No doubt about that.”

          My mother starts laughing, and I can’t help but look on in confusion.

          “Mom, this isn’t funny, I’m being serious.”

          She takes a deep breath, “I know dear. I’m sorry for that. Your proposal came at the perfect time. I bought a house out in the suburbs. We were going to move at the beginning of the summer, when our contract runs out here. But, if Mark agrees to let you live with him, you won’t have to move to a school where you have to start over. You’ll move to a school with your best friends.”

          A huge smile takes over my face, “What? So, you say yes? And, why are you moving?”

          “Of course I say yes. I trust Mark will take care of you, and I know how much you miss Kitty and Spence. As for why I’m moving. Well, I’m sick of the city, and I want the dogs to have a yard.”

          “I feel like I need to call Mark right now and tell him everything.”

          My mother giggles, “You can call him after we eat. I bet he’d love to hear from his baby sister.”

          I groan and roll my eyes, “I’m not a baby, I’m his younger sister.”

          “Oh Rosemarie, you’re the baby of this family,” my mother sighs. “Even when you grow up and have kids. You’ll always be my baby.”

          I slightly smile, “I hope to be more than just your baby. I want to be your artist.”

          “Like Tommy?”

          “Yes, like Tom.”


          “Rosemarie!” Mark exclaims as he answers my call on the second ring.

          I giggle, “Hello Markimoo.”

          “What does my sister need that she has decided to call her cool big brother?”

          “Well, it’s a really big question, and mom has already said yes. Um, at the end of this school year, I want to move in with you. I’ll be able to go to school with Spence and Kitty. And mom is moving so the dogs have more room.”

          “Oh, really? Hm, that’s interesting. I can’t say no to my cute little sister though.”

          “Are you serious? Mark, you didn’t even think about it.”

          He laughs, “I don’t have to think it over. I’d love to have my little sister as my roommate, and it seems she has nowhere else to go. I mean, besides even farther away.”

          I sigh, “Well, I’m not going to complain with that. Um, we need to get together soon. Talk this over a little longer.”

          “I’ve been meaning to come over and have dinner with you and mom. I think I could make it over next week.”

          “That would be perfect. Thanks a bunch Mark. For everything.”

          “No problem, silly.”

          “Well, that’s all I needed. So I guess this is goodbye.”

          “Hold up, I’m not done talking. I’ve got to ask you something myself.”

          “Oh, well, ask away,” I smile.

          “Are you and Spencer dating yet? I know I ask every time I talk to you, but you two are so stubborn and blind, I’m never sure if it’s happened.”

          “We aren’t dating. We’re hanging out Saturday, though.”

          “You like him, right?”

          “I’m not sure. Besides, I’ve got bigger things to worry about.”

          “Sure you do. Better go do those bigger things then. So you can date.”

          “Oh, just shut up.”

          “Come on,” Mark chuckles. “Is there some big reason that you two aren’t dating?”

          “Well, the biggest is that we are best friends and don’t want to ruin that because we went out and realized it didn’t work.”

          “First, that’s a good reason you should go out! You’ve been the best of friends for your whole lives, and you know everything about each other. It would work out perfectly. And, if you are the best of friends, and it were to not work out, you would be able to continue being friends. You two, Kitty included, are inseparable.”

          “I know,” I groan. “I hate when you are right.”

          “I love it,” Mark is no doubt smirking.

          “I can’t do it, though, Mark. It’s not the right time. He’s busy with hockey, and busy with my art.”

          “And when won’t you be busy?”

          “I don’t-”

          “You can’t keep pushing this off. Who knows though, he could ask you soon.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I hope you liked it! Next week is going to be busy, so I don't know if I'll have time to post. If I can't, I'll be sure to mumble it. :D
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