*I have this classified as a fan fiction only because the main girl's brother is Markiplier. But, other than that, it's just a normal story.*
Rosemarie is a drawing fanatic, video game addict, and no where near normal. Her two best friends go to a different school, and she can't keep three bullies off her back. She just wants something to go right in her life.


6. Best Friends, and Maybe More


          “This is nice,” I sip my tea. “I really enjoyed watching you practice. I’d love to go skating with you and Kitty next weekend.”

          “That sounds like fun,” Spence smiles. “Say, what did Mark say about you moving in with him?”

          “I didn’t tell you?” I take a bite of my sandwich.

          “Is it bad?” Spence intertwines our legs under the table. Something he has done to comfort me for a long time.

          “Well, living with Mark might be difficult at times, but I think it’ll be worth it,” I smile.

          “Are you serious?” Spence sputters on his soda.

          “This is one thing I wouldn’t kid about, Spencer,” I pull my legs away from his. “You really are a dork.”

          “I’m sorry. I just-”

          “I’m messing with you, Spence,” I laugh. “I couldn’t believe Mark said I could live with him either.”

          Spence sticks his tongue out at me, “I’ll get you back. Once we get back to my house.”

          “We’re going to your house?” I take another bite of my sandwich.

          “Of course,” he smiles. “My dad will love to see you, and I want to talk about things.”

          “What things?” I take a few small sips of my tea.

          “Your art, and how school is doing. I remember you said you had some bullies.”

          “Oh,” I wipe my lips with my napkin. “Those will be some great conversation topics.”

          “You have to talk it out,” Spence reaches across the table to grab my hand. “But not right now. Right now, we are going to eat our food and be happy.”

          I smile, “I like that idea.”

          He squeezes my hand before releasing it. “You are so much prettier when you smile.”

          I try to fight the blush that wants to overtake my cheeks, but it is no use. To hide the redness of my cheeks, I bring my tea up to my lips and take sips.

          “Rosie, are you blushing?”

          “What?” I look everywhere but back at Spence, placing my cup back on the table. “Me? No, of course not,” I let out a very nervous laugh.

          “Really?” He chuckles. “You are the cutest, Rosie. You truly are.”

          “Spence,” I whine. “Can we just go to the bookstore and stop talking about this? Can we?”

          “When you finish eating,” he taps my plate. “What do you want to talk about?”

          “I don’t know,” I shrug. “How have you been? How is your school?”

          “School is good,” Spence tangles our legs together once again. “I’m happy to be playing hockey with friends. Girls swarm me.”

          I feel my jaw clench and an emotion like anger bubble inside me. “So, why don’t you go out with one of the many girls throwing themselves at you?”

          “Because you’re my best friend,” his thumb and forefinger gently grip my chin and force me to look at him. “You’re the girl I will always want to hang with. Kitty is second, of course.”

          I giggle, feeling the anger float away. “You must reject a lot of girls to say with me. They’d lose it if they say me,” I mess with my glasses.”

          “I know. No girl at school comes close to you.”

          “Gah, why are you like this?”

          “I like to see you smile,” he smirks. “Hurry up and finish eating so we can get you some books, and get to my house.”

          I move my head out of his fingers. “Okay. Shut up then,” I chuckle.


          Spence slides his key into the front door of his house, smiling as he unlocks the door.

          “Fuck, Spence, hurry up. I’m freezing,” I step closer to the boy, hoping to catch some of his body heat.

          “I’ll warm you up,” Spence pushes the door open and ushers me inside.

          “Ah, I love being back at your house. It’s so nice. A cute little house,” I lean down and untie my shoes, slipping them off.

          “You need to come over more then,” he pinches my hips.

          “Hey,” I squeal, quickly moving away from Spence. “Keep your hands to yourself, mister.”

          “Sorry, thought it would be cute,” he chuckles. “That squeal was.”

          “Is Fluff still good?” I turn to face the boy.

          “He should be chilling with my dad in the living room. Still a white fur ball of a cat.”

          “Good,” I smile. “He’s such a good kitty. My name for him is, and always will be perfect.”

          “Come on,” Spence grabs my hand and pulls me further into his house.

          I remember all the days I have spent in this house. The summer nights, and snowed in days. The thunderstorm that took the power, and all the times we stayed up late to play Pokémon or some other video game. Kitty, Spence, and I spent a lot of time doing so many different things in this house.

          “Hello Mr. Foster,” I grip my small black purse a little tighter.

          “Ah, Rosemarie,” Matt mutes the TV and looks over at Spence and me. “So nice to see you.”

          The two of us burst into chuckles. We have a running joke that every greeting between us is very formal because the first time I met him I was overly formal and he found it hilarious.

           “There’s my Fluff,” I wipe the tears from my eyes.

          Fluff, the white cat Spence saved a few years ago, trots out from the side of the couch.

          “Dad, Rosie and I are just going to chill in my room,” Spence puts his arm around my shoulder. “Can she eat dinner with us?”

          “Spence,” I look up at him.

          “Of course,” Matt smiles. “I was thinking of ordering pizza when the time comes.”

          “Good,” Spence smiles, and his face looks so perfect from where I am. “I don’t want her to go home for a while.”

          “I don’t want to leave for a while,” I lean into him.

          “Well, I’ll let you two go talk and make out, or whatever,” Matt waves us off.

          “Really dad?” Spence groans.

          “What? I was teasing.”

          “Don’t worry about it, Matt,” I feel the blush invade my cheeks, and there’s nothing I can do about it. “Everyone thinks we should.”

          “So, do it. You know, you should marry your best friend. I wish I had.”

          “Okay, enough of that,” Spence pulls me with him towards the hallway that leads to his room.

          “Bye Matt,” I look back at Spence’s dad. “I look forward to pizza!”

          Moments later, Spence and I have entered his room. There’s a queen-sized bed on the left side of the room, and a desk off to the right. A TV with many different consoles set up to it is against the wall between the bed and desk. Hockey and skateboard posters line the walls. A couple beanbags are in front of the TV, and a bookshelf full of books and figurines is near the desk.

          “Such a big bed,” I drip my purse by the door, running to jump into Spence’s bed.

          “Your books are by your shoes, if you didn’t see me place them there,” Spence walks over to me.

          “Thank you for getting me those art books,” I tenderly smile at the blue haired boy.

          “Anything for you,” he climbs onto the bed, lying down next to me. “I want to see some of your art. I’ll go to your house next time.”

          “I have some new works you will for sure like,” I scoot closer to him, curling into his chest.

          “I like everything you make,” he wraps his arms around me. “So, what do you want to talk about first. Us, or your bullies.”

          “Bullies,” I grab onto the front of his shirt.

          “Three girls, and they call you mutt. Next time, tell them that mut, without a t, means courage in German.”

          “I just tell them to fuck off,” I snicker. “They think they are hurting me, but I really don’t care.”

          “If it gets worse, tell someone, okay.”

          “They are always going to use words, so I’ll just let their words roll off me.”

          “Promise me if they hurt you, you will tell someone,” he pulls me closer, rubbing my back with one hand.

          “I promise, Spence,” I nuzzle my head into his chest. “They are just bitches with problems that I can’t solve. I’ll let them figure out that taunting others is worthless, and that no one remembers how popular you were in high school.”

          “I love how you are like that. Just so proud and sassy.”

          “Can’t change that about me, so I’m glad you like it.”

          “Love it,” he says slowly. “Not just like it, I love it.”

          I giggle, “Sorry. I’m glad you love my sass, and the way I am proud about who I am.”

          “Now that bullies are out of the way, time to talk about us.”

          “Best friend till the end,” I maneuver my head to look up at Spence.

          Spence looks down at me with a lovingness in his eyes. “Best friends for all time. However, as we are growing older, everyone around us is beginning to date. I need to know how you feel.”

          “Do you remember when I was taller than you? All those years ago.”

          “I do, but what does that have to do with anything?”

          “Well, I used to tease you all the time for being taller. I felt so powerful, and I loved having you look up at me. Then, one day, you said that when you became taller than me, you would do something to make sure I would still be happy. Since the teasing would stop.”

          “Oh,” Spence grins. “I remember. I promised to make you my girlfriend. Little me thought that was how you made anyone happy. Just date them.”

          “I didn’t believe you would ever be taller, so I never thought that promise would be fulfilled.”

          “Do you want it to be? Rosemarie, tell me. I want to make you happy. Your smile makes me feel so warm inside.”

          “Do you want it to be?”

          “Start the new year off on a good foot. Hell yes, I want to call you mine.”

          “I don’t know, though, Spencer. I can’t be with you a lot, and I can’t be a girlfriend that shows up to all your hockey games.”

          “You can,” he leans down, resting his forehead on mine. “I’d pick you up and take you to every game. My jersey would look so good on you.”

          “What about me? I’d need you to come look at my art to balance it out. Could you do that?”

          “Fuck yes,” he chuckles. “I’ll do anything, study dates. I’m down. I’ll take you skateboarding. Kitty is looking, even has a crush on one of my hockey buddies. If you want to go on double dates, we will. We have been friends for a long time, and know everything about one another. I know that this is cliché, but I don’t care.”

          I giggle, “So cliché, but the heart wants what the heart wants.”

          “Does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

          “I think that was the perfect way to get together. For us, anyways.” He grabs my upper arms and pulls me up to be face to face. “Is this when we kiss?”

          I shake my head as best I can, “I mean, we can, but I don’t want to be one of those overly kissy, lovey couples. I want to hold your hand, and get kisses. But I don’t want to be super gushy.”

          “Neither do I,” Spence makes sure my glasses are sitting on my face correctly. “So, we stay how we are. Nothing has changing between us. I just get to kiss you now, and hold you close. When you transfer to Hyde Park, we can have classes together, and we’ll walk in the halls to those classes. Just have to get through this semester.”

          “I can do it,” I firmly nod. “Seventeen weeks of school until summer.”

          “Can I kiss you? Just one, to see how it feels.”

          I smirk, wiggling even closer so our noses touch. “Just a little one. Don’t get carried away, blue.”

          Spence smirks right back, “Sure thing, Rosie.”

          “I’m okay with a pet name.”

          Spence’s slightly chapped lips press against my luckily soft ones for a few seconds. “What should I call you?”

          I roll my eyes, “Nothing too generic.”

          “I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

          “Fine by me. It should have some thought put into it.”

          “Who do we tell about this?”

          “Can we tell no one right now? I just want to feel it out.”

          “Of course,” he smiles. “We don’t have to tell anyone right now. If you don’t feel comfortable right now, no one will know. My first hockey game is in two weeks though, and I would love for you to wear my jersey then.”

          “Yes, I’ll do that. It’s just, what if this is heat of the moment? Because everyone is telling us we should be together.”

          “I understand,” he kisses my nose. “Ha, that was fun. Kissing your cute little nose.”

          “Spencer,” I whine.

          “Rosemarie,” he teases. “I like you. I really do. Serious, you make me smile, and feel warm. This is not heat of the moment. We have felt this for a while.”

          “We have,” I nuzzle my head into his chest. “Geez, we were so stubborn.”


​Quite a long chapter, and that's good, because now I have writer's block for this. So, I don't know when the next chapter will be out. Hopefully the writer's block doesn't stay around long. In the meantime, I will write for another one of my stories. :)

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