Alternate Universe: Book 1

Watch as Ash uncovers mysteries and finds out who he really is


4. The Power of the Owl

Yama was searching high and low. She flew over and around rocks, across crystal clear rivers, and big green trees. She landed on a branch and turned her head 180 degrees like an owl. 

She found him and whispered "Wind Style: Balam Pogpung." A big tornado formed out of the blue and wiped out every tree, picked up every rock, and whipped the water every where. It left a big clear opening in the middle of the wooded mountains. 

"Hahaha! So you think you can beat me, The Dark King?" The Dark King questioned laughing through his whole sentence.

He spoke the enchanting dark words "Ug-eum-ui Oechim." A black 11:59 wave came racing towards Yama. She jumped into the air. 

When she came down the grass was dark brown, the trees were hollowed out and there was no trace of a leaf on any tree around them. The water turned black and drained up, as the sky turned black.

Yama pulled out an arrow and it lit up. It morphed in to a special rare arrow sword. 

A dark sword appeared on the crazed man's back.  


Yama flew into her the air and dove down with her yellow eyes glowing so bright in the dark.

Their swords clashed together creating air currents.

Going back and fourth, Yama was thinking, "what do have to do to get him of guard-- I got it." 

She flipped back and said "Wind Style: Balam Gwiyeob." She was throwing wind blades at the unknown man and he was getting hit with every blast. 

"How are you doing this." He said falling on his knees. 

She walked forward, "Look into my eyes Meolli Yeohaeng." She kept repeating it, over and over again. 

"Get away from me you sorceress, for I am the Dark Lord." He shouted. He froze. 

She froze too. Yama was in his head seeing every dream, memory, and thought he ever had. She saw this fiery man siting an old tree stomp with dead vessels surrounding it. 

They both jumped out of the trans. Before the man could say anything Yama said, "Qauntum Style: Sigan E Gadhyeo."

He froze with his mouth wide open. 

"Who was that man and why where those bodies around him." That was all she was thinking.  

In the middle of her thoughts she heard Ash and Klerg screaming her name. She turned back around and the lord was growing. She was so confused and began wondering how he broke her trap. 

He kept growing and growing taller than the trees. When Ash and Klerg got there they stopped in their tracks.  

Klerg ran towards him so fast all there was, was dust. He jumped in the air and punched the lord in his knee. The lord retaliated by kicking Klerg into a tree. 

"Potion Style: Yeonmag."  Ash shouted. He threw a big smoke bomb that cover half of the lord's body. 

Klerg hopped up and yelled "Fire Style: Yong-ui Bunno." He spit flames out his mouth and into the smoke. They both said, "together raging smoke dragon."

They formed a red cloudy dragon with smoke and fire and charged it at the man. 

The lord lost his power and shrunk to his normal size. His face went from angry to frantic.

"Stay there." Yama demanded. "Full Beast Transformation."

She turns into an owl and dashed through the clear opened field. She snatched the evil lord up by his neck. 

Her poisoned claws dug in his skin as she drew blood. As she was flying she felt something strange she closed her eyes and saw a picture, the future, the past, or a vision. But when she closed her eyes again she saw fire verses water. A treacherous heated battle between what appears to be animals that were.... 

She hit a tree and knocked her self unconscious and fell along with the unconscious dark lord, hard on the ground. 

"Yama! Yama can you her me?" Ash called.

"I found her or them." Klerg said. 

"I found him as well, now hand him over." A deep voice said breaking through the wind. 

"Take him, he is all yours." Ash said willingly.

The man caught on fire. 

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not here to cause any harm or trouble. I just came to get my repulsive cousin, Rashard.  I am a Hell Hound, meaning I'm dead already. Just about every fire creature is born from fire, but if they are then they are a rare breed. Well it's time for us to go." He said in a calm voice. 

Yama was awaking. 

"She is a... I have to go." He said hesitatingly. "I have a feeling you will meet the fire family. Which is all of us and me again." 

"Fire Style: Underworld."  A fiery hole ripped opened in the ground and as they were he was jumping in with his cousin in his on his shoulder, Yama threw an arrow. It grazed him when he jump in the hole,it closed behind him. 

Yama fell back unconscious.

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