Alternate Universe: Book 1

Watch as Ash uncovers mysteries and finds out who he really is


3. The Dead Fire Balls

Klerg punched the guard in the face and I back flipped over his head. We both ran to the noise. Jumping through the trees, we felt the wind against our faces. 

"I made a new friend," I thought. "He isn't a criminal, and we just punched a guard. So cool!" 

I can smell the burning air as we came closer towards our destination. 

When we got there, everything was lit up. Houses were burned and all you could see were the bodies of over 20 people dead. 

My heart sunk at the sight. I could tell that Klerg was angry. His eyes changed to the powerful crimson ones. 

I spoke the enchanting words, "Hongsu" . The raging waters rose up and flooded the town, every fire was put out. All that was left was smoke.

There was a faint laugh in the air. We both looked around. Right when the smoke cleared up, Klerg jumped into action. Punch after punch, kick after kick. Klerg was non-stop. 

"Stop trying. It's no use," The lady said laughing

"Oh, and why is that?" Klerg asked trying to catch his breath. 

"Because I didn't do it, psycho! Ash, come get your friend." 

"Yama, its been a while." I said.

"Wait so you two know each other? How did you dodge all of my attacks?" Klerg questioned, so lost in the conversation. 

"I am a Jigeumkkaji Silyeon Bijieon or a Far seer." Yama said like she was the greatest.

"What is the exactly?" Klerg asked with a smirk. 

"So you think its funny, do you? I'll show you then." She said with sass.  

She closed her eyes and spoke the words "Olppaemi Nun." Her eyes opened.

Her eyes glowed a golden yellow and her whole voice changed. 

"Something is coming," Yama said with her scratchy voice. She flew in the air and saw a herd of fireballs hurling towards us. 

She held out her hand and a bow magically appeared in her hand. She drew the string back and and wind surrounded the bow and made an arrow. 

She spoke the enchanting words "Hwasalpyoleul Pogbal." 

The wind blew even harder forming the lime green arrow. 

Then, in a blink of an eye, she let go. In the middle of the arrow dart shooting in the air she said, "Sosu."

The arrow broke off in to over 60 small arrows. When the arrows hit the fireballs they exploded. 

After the light show, a flash from the mountain broke out through the trees. Yama was trying to see if she could see the person or persons who had done this, but she came crashing down. A bright light crashing down upon her.

"There is something coming towards us. This time it's not fire balls." She said getting up.

"Ganglyeonghan!" Klerg shouted. 

I gathered water into a big ball and slowly said, "Jiwon Laeb." 

A ring of water wrapped around me. 

Yama readied her bow and we were ready to fight. 

Our opponent landed. Who stood before was the ruthless savage Chinese fire lord Qin Shi Huang. 

He said no words and threw a huge fireball at us. Klerg punched it into bits.

"Who woke him up? I thought he was dead. Like a long, long time ago." Yama said. 

We didn't reply. There was something in his eyes that made me wonder. 

"Its an awaking spell on him. Which means the caster has to be close." I said with raged anger. 

Klerg said in demand "Jeon-won Hwansang Ui Gam-og!" 

His eyes lit up and Qin stopped where he was. 

"What happened." I said waiting for more fire balls 

"I stopped him with my eyes. It's like a visual prison," Klerg said. 

"Any rare eyes comes with visual power." 

"Oh, where is Yama." I said concerned. 

Klerg shrugged. 

Qin broke the spell. Fireballs, once again, were launched our way. 

I threw water balls to cancel out his fire.  

"Play defense." Klerg demanded. 

I dropped my water wrap from around me and took my hands and moved them in a circular motion. I mutter the words "Potions Style: Jeom-aeg Bang-eo." 

I thew my slime balls on the ground towards the fireballs and the slime balls broke and formed a tall green wall. I kept throwing them. Although it was taking alot out of me I still ketp going. 

"Fish Style: Geuleiteu Hwaiteu Jeteu." Klerg shouted. 

It was one shark in each hand, and he released both of them with a lot of force. In a second they exploded into Qin and blow him in to bits. 

"OK, lets go find Yama." Klerg said trying to catch his breath. 

"Understood." I said trying to do the same. 

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