Michael Clifford
-Heart throb
-band member
-heart throb
And worst of all...
-my next door neighbor


4. Lunch time heartbreak

It turns out Scott and I had the same classes until lunch, and since no one sat by me in the next 3, he filled the void. I liked Scott, he was like the guy version of me, he kind of acted like my brother did, so I knew they would get along right away just like we did. Scott was kind of a tall guy, he was tan, had short hair which was gelled up, he looked like Tyler Posey, which was ironic because Tyler plays "Scott" on this tv show I watch, we became best friends after about a month, but there was a lot of stuff we never really talked about, like our families and stuff like that... "Okay, are you an American Horror Story or Pretty Little Liars kind of girl" Scott asked me since we were playing 20 questions "Oh, American Horror Story all the way bro. Have you seen Evan Peters?" I said partly laughing "Really? I love AHS" he said "Yeah, me and my brother watch it all the time, my favorite season is murder house" I said "Mine is Coven" he said he said and widened his eyes for exaggeration" "Okay, how many siblings do you have and what are their names?" I asked "None" Scott answered "How about you?" he asked "One, and his name is Daniel" I nodded when I said one, "Dylan and Daniel? Dad's name?" "Dads name was Damon" "Moms name?" he asked "Elena, suprisingly" I said "Wow" he laughed "Whata bout you? What are your parents names?" I asked "Moms is Emma, dads is Michael" "Ugh, I hate Michael, not your dad! no, this kid in our classes." "Oh" "Yeah, used to be best friends, the kind where we would take baths together  and stuff like that, until he got a girlfriend and ditched me" "Ooh, tough" he said "Yeah, oh well" I said just as Michael and his group started walking towards us, "Speak of the devil" I said glancing at them "Hey, um this is our spot so if you guys could just you know... Move" Michael said "And what makes you think we're going to listen to you?" Scott said "Back off kid, your new here, and you don't want to be enemy so soon" he said taking a step closer to Scott "Yeah, well I'm not, so back off" I said "Shut it Brite" he snapped. I stood up "What'd you say?" I said "I said shut it" he snapped again "Clifford" I laughed "Again I say, what makes you think I'm gonna listen you" "The fact that you have listened to me ever since we were 1" he said and his friends laughed "Well that all stopped when you became a dickhead, who cared more about getting girls than his own best friend, then you let a girl who I might add, you only knew for a month, talk sh** about me, the one girl you've known since we were babies, who would have never left you and would've done anything for you!" I paused then my voice softened "And what happened Michael? Oh yeah, you let her do all this stuff to me. You never defended me. When I needed you to stick up for me, you let me get stomped on, then the one time time I stick up for myself, and told her off, you left me. And here I was a stupid 13 year old thinking he'll be back , he'll be back, but guess what Michael? You never came back! And now here we are!" again I paused, and my voice softened again, "You hating the girl who loved you more than she could love anyone who wasn't her family, but Mikey, you were my family... You were there when my dad left, you were there when those kids beat me up, so you found them and them up for me, you were there for me through all the tough times. We were there for each other. But where are you now Michael? Where are you now?" I felt my eyes sting as I fought back tears. I've held all that in for such a long time. Michael just looked at me clearly shocked, then the bell rang. "Michael come one" his friend Luke grabbed hold of his shoulder and pull him away. "Come on Dyl" Scott grabbed placed a hand on my shoulder, "Let's go" he pulled me closer to him and I nudged my self into his arm, "It'll be okay" he said and we walked back into the school...

Authors Note: Sorry I've taken so long to update my stories guys! My summers been pretty hectic, but yeah I'll try to update all of them on the same days and thats 

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