Story Ideas

Hello! Here are a bunch of ideas which you can use for stories, etc. Just remember to credit me is all I ask. Hope you like them!


26. Sunshine, Flowers and Mr. Moody || Teen Fiction

**NOTE: I would advise you to make this a short story, I think it could be really cute.


Willow Heavens is a girl who has had the biggest crush on popular and 'handsomely cool' boy Alexander Frankson. She would never expect that she would end up paired up him in a school project. They are forced to stay in a house together, with a very bad and irresponsible teacher, a cat and a very attractive and sweet guy in her year. It's not going to be easy. Willow doesn't know what to think, especially with Alexander making every attempt to avoid her, and then telling her funny things that make butterflies plant themselves there for countless hours. It's not fair. And who's this cute guy in the group? Why does Alexander act so strange when Willow and him engage with one another? It's going to be a long month, but can love just possibly make things work?


Additional Character:

Willow Heavens

Alexander Frankson

Charlie Lawson

Danielle Lockwood

Scarlet Brontee

Molly Frankson

Mrs P. Grey


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