Story Ideas

Hello! Here are a bunch of ideas which you can use for stories, etc. Just remember to credit me is all I ask. Hope you like them!


10. She's Not In Love, She's Just Confused || Realism

She's Not In Love, She's Just Confused


(Based on real life events!)

Allie was just a normal girl, a thirteen year old girl with a close friend and boy troubles. As far as she was concerned, everything in her life would go simply but satisfyingly. Fast-foward three years later, where she's moved to a new school, a new city entirely, and she starts to get particuarly worried. Within a few months of being at the school (two to be exact), she's start to develop a severe mental illness of depression. On and off, it goes on for the acadamic year. Allie is about to break up from a very stressful year at school, and feels that she's absolutely fine. No worries. If anything she's a little laid back. Everybody notices her increasingly change behaviour. It's now two weeks before she breaks up and she's been put on medication. Luckily no-one knows about it. So what happens when Allie (in her mania, confused state) ends up having one crazy night with a boy. When she returns to her normal, sane way of thinking, she cannot remember anything that's happened to them. Until they (literally) bump into each other one day. But Allie isn't the same person. And how well does she know this boy?


Additional Character Names:

Allie Parker

Ellis Ashwell

Jackie Smiths

Abigail Piper

Mari-Anne Oxford

Graham Stoneham

Louise Meadows

Lydia Winter

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