Story Ideas

Hello! Here are a bunch of ideas which you can use for stories, etc. Just remember to credit me is all I ask. Hope you like them!


23. Project Making-A-Man || Teen Romance


Penny Smith is about a simple and as pure-hearted as you can get. She has never done drugs, never got a detention, never had a day off school and never even kissed a guy. She's not twelve. She's nineteen! It's her first year at university and she's struggling to fit in. Penny thought bitchy girls were only around in high school, but she couldn't be more wrong. And just when she starts to make a few more friends and let's her hair lose a little, someone takes a turning into her life. Oscar Zandiney. He's out of control; a total mess. His best friend is a packet of ciggarettes, his parents kicked him out at the age of fifteen and yet he has the potential to do so well, with his grades. So he goes to seemingly sweet Penny, thinking she would help him out. However, it takes blackmailing to get Penny to do what he wants. What's her big secret? But now it's down to Penny to make Oscar into a guy who's worthy of a rich girl's heart. It's going to be a very bumpy journey, but they might just figure it out.


Additional Character Names:

Penny Smith

Oscar Zandiney

Ella Rodgers

Davie Chip

Ben Smith

Primrose Zandiney

Xally Wick

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