Story Ideas

Hello! Here are a bunch of ideas which you can use for stories, etc. Just remember to credit me is all I ask. Hope you like them!


7. Mr. Mysterious || Romance (but it can have as lot of suspense if you want it to)

Mr. Mysterious

Kind of a blurb, kind of an excert:

It was a normal day. She had been serving pints, watching old and drunk men make failed attempts to flirt with her and wait for something exciting to happen in her life. So she was, of course, not expecting an incredibly handsome guy to walk in and ask to stay for a 'little while'. It was a tough call. Especially when she hadn't realised there were people all over the world chasing after him. But why? He's just a pretty face with an obsession of ciggarettes. So why does he make her heart skip a beat at just the thought of him?


Additional Character Names:

(not sure why I have so many girls, feel free to cut them out, aha)

Lucy Smith

Hunter Jackson

Olivia Parkson

Penelope Jackson

Eva Queention

Donald Yu

Zack Moodiham

April Tullinghurst

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