Story Ideas

Hello! Here are a bunch of ideas which you can use for stories, etc. Just remember to credit me is all I ask. Hope you like them!


9. Chasing Sam || Romance

Chasing Sam


She was called Sam (short for Samantha) and loved being around people, going out with friends and enjoying her life. He was called Sam (short for Samuel) and hated being around people, going out in general and didn't feel the need to make the most of his life. One summer, Sam meets Sam. They immediately hit it off. They end up spending the rest of the summer together. Little did they both know they would be soon meeting again, shortly. When they both go to a new university, they meet each other again. However, whilst Sam likes to be with the 'In' crowd and dancing every weekend, other Sam would rather just stay by myself. How will they make it work? This is a story of two Sams, both very different.

(sorry, this is a pretty cliche, rubbish idea but yano)


Additional Character Names:

Samantha Ruthford

Samuel Ashford

Aurelie Heath

Guy Johansson

Otis O'Connor

Shellie Fox

Rachel MccAuthur

Edmondo Waldan

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