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Hello! Here are a bunch of ideas which you can use for stories, etc. Just remember to credit me is all I ask. Hope you like them!


5. Art Squad || Teen Fiction

The Art Squad


You have six very different people who are in no way likely to become aqautiances, never mind friends. Let's start of with where their story starts. Polly Burt. She's pretty, sweet and is constantly doodling in her sketchbook, yet she's never got up the courage to actually make something of her work. Then you've got Sketch. As he's nickname suggests, he unlike Polly is always sketching at his school, which specalizes in art. He's doing well and so he is both shocked and devestated to recieve news that he will no longer be able to attend due to lack of talent. Then there's Trish. Well, Trish is Trish, as they all say. She dropped out of school at fifteen and went back for a short time to take her exams. Now, she's working at Starbucks with an amazing talent of painting on a canvas. Her boyfriend, Nate, adores her art even though he knows he could secretly do better than that. Even though he is currently at a Law specalized school, he's always dreamt of doing Art. Now there's Kit and Kat. I promise you, they're not two halves of a chocolate bar. Kit uses more of abstract art, going with the flow and seeing where she ends up. Kat likes structure. Both work for them, even though they're indivuals they act like they're joined at the hip. Twins with a close friendship. Predictable. But one train journey leads these six teens into a clattered and messy future together. They must become an Art squad, for the greater good of all of them.

Additional Characters:

Polly Burt

Gorden 'Sketch' Parker

Trish Milkway

Nate Davenport

Kit Chillywae

Kat Chillywae

Paige Grocery

Donald McFly

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