Love thieves

Izzy is on one side. She has Niall who she loves like a brother and two men fighting over her love.
Harry is on the other side. Will he fall for her when he finally gets her in his control.
Two rival spy groups. Two ancient family rivalries. What happens when these two sides clash?


2. Stolen

The Tower of London

Izzy's P.O.V.

I watch the guard walk around the corner and count the seconds before he comes into sight again. 30 seconds minus 10 for the camera that sweeps round. I have to get this perfect. I watch the guard go out of sight again count 10 seconds and sprint across the stretch of grass. I reach the cover and hold my breath as the guard walks straight past where I am hiding. I start fiddling with the man hole cover trying to get it lose. It makes a scraping noise that seems to be 40 times louder than it is. I look up nothing has been disturbed. I lift the top of and slip under. I put the lid back on just as a guard walks past.

First part accomplished.

20 minutes away from The Tower of London

Harry's P.O.V.

"Come on. Get out the way." I scream at the cars infront. This was definitely Sophie's fault. She left her usual calling card.

"Sorry but I can't physically go any faster." Liam says he look as flustered as me. Louis is twiddling his thumbs on the back seat looking thoroughly bored.

"I know how about I sing. Cause I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world." Louis starts to sing.

"Shut up right now otherwise I will kick you out, straight infront of a car." I shout at him. He mutters an apology and starts twiddling his thumbs again. I groan and switch my phone on. I have a new text from William (One of my agents who is working at Sophie's). I open it and groan again.

'Sophie left on time. I tried to stop her but she was with Niall and Brian so there wasn't a hope. Good luck for tonight.' He has added a thumbs up emoji on the end.

"Sophie left on time." I say Louis and Liam just nod I didn't want an answer anyway.

The Tower of London

Izzy's P.O.V.

I crawl through the air conditioning pipes counting how far I have been so I know which one I need to come out at. I find it and push. It doesn't budge so I get my laser out and start burning my way through. It pops open and I catch it before it can fall on the floor. A guard walks past me. I watch him walk round the corner. I climb out from the pipe and cross the corridor going into the room with the gem in. I walk over to the safe. I scan the fake finger on the scanner and it lets me in. I take the gem of its cushion and stick the fake in its place. This job is easy.

I just need to get out now. I retrace my steps going back through the pipes and through the man hole. I hide in a bush as I watch Harry and Louis run across the grass and into the pipes through the hole I have just come out of. Liam is probably their get away driver for tonight. I wait for about half an hour. I see them some back out the hole. Harry is carrying the fake that I have put there. They are full of smiles they won't be when they find out its a fake. I follow them back across the grass keeping my distance. They climb into the car and I see it being passed around. When Liam gets it I see him frown and start checking it. Now is my time to run.

Mission complete

Harry's house, North London

Harry's P.O.V.

"What do you mean its a fake?" I shout at them both. They wince. "Tomorrow Izzy is going to be sorry that she ever set foot on this planet." I shout and walk out the room and dial William's number.

"I need you to do me a favor." I say down the phone.


Thanks for reading.

Izzy xxx

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