Love thieves

Izzy is on one side. She has Niall who she loves like a brother and two men fighting over her love.
Harry is on the other side. Will he fall for her when he finally gets her in his control.
Two rival spy groups. Two ancient family rivalries. What happens when these two sides clash?


11. Here is the plan

Niall's house

Niall's P.O.V.

How could she do this to me? I thought we were forever. To think that I was going to explain everything to her and then propose. Well Alice messed up pretty good didn't she. I am trying to put a brave face on for Sophie's purposes. We are at my flat that I share with Alice (not for much longer though.)

"Have you got everything?" Liam asks me, I nod and pick up one of my suitcases. The boys are so nice I think we could be really good friends. I am still not sure about Harry after what he has done but I think I can get over it.

"I am just going to leave a note for Alice." I say grabbing some paper and a pen.

"Ok we will be waiting for you in the car." Sophie says patting my back as they all walk out.

'To Alice. I am sorry it had to end like this. If you had told me it would had been a lot easier. Please do not try to contact me as I am moving away from the area. Clearly you have moved on and I can't stick around to hold you back. I hope you are happy with your new guy. You will always be in my heart. Your Niall xxx.' I finish writing, a tear slips of my nose onto the paper smudging my writing. I walk out the house shutting the door behind me. I take one look back and prepare myself to start my new life.

"Wheres next?" I ask climbing into the car. All my bags are in the back.

"Well I was thinking me and Niall could go back to my house and grab everything I need and you boys can pack your bags." Sophie says looking round at everyone. We are on the same street as Sophie's house by now.

"Yeah we will grab your stuff from my house. We will pick you back up from here in a hour." Harry says pulling up outside Sophie's house. I only live on the next street to her which makes it very easy.

"See you later guys." We both say and get out the car. Sophie turns and strides towards her house.

"Lets get this over with Horan. You grab some food from the kitchen that doesn't need to be chilled. I will grab stuff from my room and other places in the house." Sophie says heading up the stairs. "Oh and try not to eat it all." She shouts over her shoulder. I smirk and walk into the kitchen.

Sophie's house

Sophie's P.O.V.

I am so happy we are doing this. If my dad ever finds me he will most likely kill me or force me back into working with him. I don't really want that to happen to me. I start searching my room for things I might need. Most of my clothes are at Harry's I just need some things he left out. I grab everything from my bedside table and start putting them in a bag. I pick up some picture frames and look at them. All of them are fake the smiles of me with my dad, playing with Brian all of it fake. I throw them across the room in anger. I have one more glance round the room and walk out pulling the suitcase behind. I need to call Brian and make a few arrangements. I bring my phone out and call him, he answers after the first ring as usual.

"Hey cousin how are you?" He asks in his annoying tone.

"Trust me I want this conversation to be short. Me and Niall quit. We are leaving, you are the new boss congratulations. Tell my dad when I get home. Bye nice knowing you." I say letting out all the hatred I feel towards him.

"Sophie wait. Why..." I end the call and call my phone provider to change my number. When I finish, my number is changed so no one I know can contact me. I walk into the bathroom and scoop everything up. I hear voices downstairs from the rest of the boys who have arrived. I zip my bag up for the last time and walk downstairs.

"Alright gorgeous you ready to leave." Liam asks swinging his arm round my hip. I give him a confused look and pull away from him.

"Never been more ready!" I say heading towards the door. Everyone files out and I lock it. I slide the key under the mat. "Shall I take my car." I say swinging my car keys round my finger .

"Yeah Liam drive your car, I will go with Sophie. Niall and Louis go with Liam." Harry says opening the door to my car.

"Sure see you there." Niall says giving me a wink and climbing in Liam's car. He has really bonded well with them.

"As I am driving it would probably help if I knew where we were going." I say starting the car.

"Oh yeah forgot about that. We are going to stay with my mum for a night and then move onto a property that we have managed to rent. I'll type in the postcode for you." He says turning the car's inbuilt sat-nav on. We pull out of my drive, Liam is behind us. Harry's phone starts ringing. "Uh its my dad he most have noticed we are missing." Harry says pressing decline.

"I've changed my number already then they can't track us. Do you want to tell the others to do it to their phones as well?" I ask, we then sit in a comfortable silence while Harry sorts some bits out on his phone.

"All sorted hopefully we won't get any interruptions in our new life now." I give him a smile but even I know life isn't that simple. "Sophie I was wondering, if you would be my girlfriend. Even though I have only known you properly for a week I can't imagine the rest of my life without you in it." He says looking at me, I concentrate on the road.

"Harry I'm not sure. My life has been such a blur these last few years and I haven't really been able to trust anyone. I would love to be friends with you, I just aren't ready to start a relationship with you. I hope you understand." I say stopping at a traffic light, I look in his eyes and see disappointment. He tries to cover it but its too late.

"Yeah of course I understand if you ever change your mind let me know, okay?" He asks, I nod and continue driving. Girls would kill to go out with him. He is such a gentleman and very good looking, but I just don't think I am quite ready.

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