Little British Girl...

- Decide where you belong -

In a world split into two zones, north and south live separately. The sole-superpower, America in the north, and every other country lives in the south. Trespassing is punishable by death.
When Elia, a British citizen, wakes up in the northern zone she is forced to trust local cop Daniel to keep her safe. With no memory of how Elia came to the north, and no recollection of why, she and Daniel decide to try and figure it all out. But along the way secrets are uncovered, allies are made, and Elia begins to play dangerous games, with tragic costs.


15. Chapter 15

I can tell from Annabeth’s expression as she leaves the room that she has been beaten. The echoes of despair that reflect in her eyes can be seen clearly even though she is looking down at her feet. A crimson flush stains her unusually pale cheeks that inflate and deflate with each heavy breath. She doesn’t walk, but falls forward, her knees getting closer to buckling with each small step she suffers through.

She looks as though she has returned from the dead, but no longer wishes to be alive.

She notices me watching her as she turns to shut the door, and for a second our eyes meet. She does not glare, glaring would have little effect. She does not yell either, yelling would be pointless too. Instead, her head tilts to the right, and her eyes widen up. She studies me as if I am a herbivorous dinosaur. A creature who does not want any trouble, but can easily find itself caught in a variety of tricky situations, situations which it fails to resolve correctly. She is right to judge me so. I am like a giant who dreams of a beautiful city, but when it at last arrives, all it does is crush the buildings. The look she gives me seems to say ‘why?’ in so many weak yet poignant ways. A small amount of liquid underlines her eye, like a miniature lake or river, and a few tears even manage to escape and roll down her heated cheeks.

I begin to step forward, but hesitate, and step back. Annabeth does not want me here. Not now, not ever. That is as transparent as the teardrops falling from her eyes.

“I just wanted to get back home.” I promise her, not sure why I’m defending myself, I hate myself more than she does right now. Annabeth looks away from me, heading down the opposite end of the corridor.

“I’m pretty sure that’s what Daniel wants right now too,” she speaks as she walks away, “You know what Elia? If you had never come here Daniel would be at home in California right now indulging in all the happiness of a normal life as a normal cop, but instead he’s been exposed as a sympathiser, and will soon pay the price. You helped the Northern Security team find another weak link in their chain…”, she turns back to look at me before she opens the door leading to the kitchen, “Your father would be proud.”

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