Little British Girl...

- Decide where you belong -

In a world split into two zones, north and south live separately. The sole-superpower, America in the north, and every other country lives in the south. Trespassing is punishable by death.
When Elia, a British citizen, wakes up in the northern zone she is forced to trust local cop Daniel to keep her safe. With no memory of how Elia came to the north, and no recollection of why, she and Daniel decide to try and figure it all out. But along the way secrets are uncovered, allies are made, and Elia begins to play dangerous games, with tragic costs.


12. Chapter 12

I’ve been at the base for just over a week now, spending most of my days with Annabeth and Max planning how to save Daniel. I team consisted of just Annabeth, Max, and Luci. Max told me one day that there were larger groups at some bases than others, but if the resistance ever joined up all together, there would be a huge amount of people, a group big enough to take over half of the north. When I wasn’t planning, I was cleaning, trying to make myself useful. Annabeth found it weird, but didn’t argue, and Max sometimes helped. The building hadn’t been cleaned in years, and it showed, there was enough dirt and grime to keep me going for years, and I only had to last another day.

Because tomorrow, we attend the trial, and rescue Daniel.

The news coverage of the trial was deeply unnerving, they called him a terrorist. There was an interview with his friend Zach, who I met around two weeks ago, that I couldn’t watch to the end. Zach was under the impression that Daniel was some criminal mastermind, who’d created a cover life, and who’d lied to his friends about everything. He called him a traitor, but Daniel is the most loyal man I know. Annabeth thinks they’ll be protesters at the trial, and she’s probably right. Suddenly, everyone in the north hates him.

I am currently sat down in the kitchen, alone with my thoughts...and trust me, they don’t make great company. I reach into my backpack, and pull up Daniel’s crinkled note from just under two weeks ago.

We’re a team, and teammates look out for eachother.

He’d made such bold claims so early on. I wonder if he actually felt that way at the time, or if he was just trying to make me feel better, maybe it’s not even true now? After all, What sort of teammate lands you in court?

I’m doing this not only because I know it’s the right thing to do, but because I know you’d do it for me.

How true that is to my current situation. I probably wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t so sure he’d do the same if the tables were turned in his favour. I almost feel as if it is not my own morals, but Daniel’s that are pushing me forward.

Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.

Whatever it takes, I have to do it. I have no choice. I have signed both the verbal contract with Annabeth, and the invisible one inside my heart.

I am forced apart from my thoughts when someone’s fingers click in front of my left eye.

“Hello? Elia? You in there?” I hear Luci’s voice ring sharply in my ears. I jolt awake, rubbing my forehead gently.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I sigh, my voice much softer than hers, “What is it you want?” Luci takes the seat opposite me, tilting her head to the side, it looks as though she’s examining my expression. Her ears shrink, then return to normal, and she leans in.

“I found out who your dad is.” she speaks in a whisper, as if she doesn’t want us to be overheard. My entire body rises as if it’s been electrified by some great force. My dad. My birth father. My parent. She knows his identity.

“Who?” I dart forwards, unable to contain myself.

“Shh!” Luci hushes me, looking around the room, “Come with me and I’ll show you.” She gets up after that, and like a dog chasing a bone, I follow her eagerly. In my excited state I barely notice her nervous one, she always seems to be looking over her shoulder, and she shuts and opens the doors slowly, so not to make a sound. We soon arrive in her computer room, and she quickly gets the information up on screen, talking as she does so.

“I started off by filtering all north-south trips based on your birthday, the based on your location, and I continued until I had an elite list. Then it was easy, simple traits like eye colour, detached earlobes etcetera all narrowed it down to one man.” Her hand is hovering over the enter key, and I am about to press it down for her. Then, she finally does it. An image pops up on the central screen above her desk.

It takes me only a single second to realise I know the face. The brown eyes, the combed blonde hair...the politician's smile.

“He was on a trip with a bunch of government officials just over a couple of decades ago, he wasn’t all that important back then, just some guy in a black suit. They were negotiating some sort of trading partnership at a fancy hotel in New London, and your mum was a waitress in the restaurant there at the time. I think you can pretty much piece together the rest by yourself-”

“Yes, I can.” For once I interrupt her.

“A few days later he travelled back up north, and he never went anywhere near New London again. 39 weeks and five days later, you came along.” Luci adds on a little bit more information, but I’m not really listening. My eyes are fixed to the screen. I can’t quite register it.

He was my mother’s blind spot, and I think he might be mine too, because no matter how much I stare at his face, I still can’t accept that he is my father. Someone so obsessed with security, someone so harsh against criminals, someone so strictly against could he have done this? Maybe, just maybe, my mother was his blind spot too?

“That’s my dad.” I whimper, admitting it for the first time since I’d seen the image.

As I speak I raise my hand up so it touches the screen, and I look directly into the unseeing eyes of Xander Moore, Chief of Northern Security, and my birth father.

Me and Luci are so lost in our confusion that we don’t notice that we are not alone in the room. Two figures walk up behind us, no, one walks up behind us, the other storms up behind us, and her voice has tones in it I’ve never heard before. Annabeth forces Luci up from her seat, Max following obediently after her.

“What is going on?”

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