If only you knew

A boy named Michael goes to the big city of New York with his best bud adam for his summer vacation. He thinks he is only there for a summer job, but what he doesn't know is that he will meet the girl of his dreams. If you wanna read more read my book.


5. Bro you should hear this!!!

Michael:*calls adam* pick up bro!!

Adam: Hello this is Adam.

Michael:Bro you know that coffee shop chick I told you about.

Adam:Coffee shop chick?? You never told me about a coffee shop chick.

Michael:Well she is off the charts cute, fun to talk to and hella smart!!

Adam:Sounds more like your drinking the coffee your supposed to sell.

Michael: Nah man im serious you should try getting out the house more it works wonders.

Adam: fine im coming to pick you up then i gotta go to the book store for something i need.

Michael:Whatever bro just get here!! 

Adam: You can't rush perfection bro i'll be there ok.

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