If only you knew

A boy named Michael goes to the big city of New York with his best bud adam for his summer vacation. He thinks he is only there for a summer job, but what he doesn't know is that he will meet the girl of his dreams. If you wanna read more read my book.


6. Accidental meet up.

Michael: Hurry up and get here Adam, these bugs like me. 

Adam: I'm right around the corner so chillax.

Michael: Good, ohhh there you are I see you. Wait right there i'm coming.

Adam: So library then home alright dude.

Michael: Lets just get going dude!!

*drives to library*

Michael: Should I stay in the car or should I come in? 

Adam: Come in dude they really have nice books in there.

Michael: Yeah alright fine!!

*The two friends walk around the library for a while until Michael decides he wants to find a book to*

Michael: I'll be back, ok kid don't cry while i'm gone!

Adam: Cool beans, just don't disappear ok.

*Michael goes looking for a romantic fiction story to read*

Michael: I wonder what i'll find in here??

Adam: Where are you bruh I told you dont go far!!

Adam: Gosh bruh!!

Michael: Chill dude i'm right here.

*Then he saw her*

Michael: Coffee Girl!!!

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