If only you knew

A boy named Michael goes to the big city of New York with his best bud adam for his summer vacation. He thinks he is only there for a summer job, but what he doesn't know is that he will meet the girl of his dreams. If you wanna read more read my book.


1. It starts like this

Michael: Morning Adam!!

Adam: Morning annoying man who likes to wake me up!

Michael: I only wake you so you won't be late for work again.

Michael: Besides dude I think I'm finally getting a promotion!!

Adam: Good for you man, now go to work so i can get my last few Z's.

Michael: Whatever man. *Michael dresses and walks out the room*.

Michael: Morning miss Elliot!! How are you this fine morning?

Miss Elliot: I'm making it Michael that's all I can say.  

Michael: Well I'm off to work then.

Michael: *Michael walks to work at favorite spot Starbucks.*

Michael: Morning Miss Jelena. 

Miss Jelena: Morning Michael right on time as usual.

Michael: Of course boss lady this is after all my favorite spot in NYC!!

Miss Jelena: Michael I'm moving you up to the counter job from now on okay.

Miss Jelena: You've been working hard and i wanted to reward that hard work.

Michael: Thank you so much Miss J I won't make you regret this, I promise. 

Miss Jelena: Good to know.


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