Short Story Collection

A "book" of all my short stories (or of the like) that are mainly for schoolwork.


3. Two-Day Journey

Write two diary entries about a journey that you have been on. Your journey may be real or imagined.

This is another work of fiction, by the way. And I have decided to twist the question a little bit and make it an emotional journey.

Friday, 21st of July
This school is horrible. All the students are stupid and I have not learnt a thing in the days that I've been here. I sit alone, but only because I want to. I don't want to sit with those dumb children. All they say is slang and profanity. I dread every morning. This school feels like prison. I'm being deprived of my rights.

Friday, 4th of September
Okay, I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. I see now, I see the bright side of the road. The classes are so much better when you actually know your classmates, and when you're friends with them. Yes, I'm friends with them. They appear daggy and disgusting, but really, when you get to know them, they have the most beautiful personalities. And some are actually very bright. We all play Scrabble on Fridays. And if we have issues with homework, someone will always be there to help. They're simply amazing.

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