Ghost King

Nick Fury was... furious. That kid, Nico di Angelo, had avoided S.H.I.E.L.D. for more than three years.
Meanwhile, Nico, now 15 years old, is sent on a quest along with Hazel Levesque and Cassiopeia Chance, his newest little sister, to find Hecate and stop the Mist from disappearing.
What will happen when the Avengers kidnap the three Children of Death? Will the Mist fail?
Will Nico put aside his anger and team up with the Avengers to save the world?


2. Chapter Two

Nico di Angelo

I mentally cursed the gods. Stupid prophecies, stupid quests, stupid family...

Basically, three days ago, Hazel, Cassiopeia, and I were summoned to Olympus for a 'brief briefing', which meant a prophecy from Apollo, a.k.a. Haiku Boy. The god who was currently stalking my 15-year-old little sister, Cassiopeia Chance.

It kind of went like this:

Me: Hi.

Ares: Shut up.

Me: OK.

Zeus: Bow down before me!

Me: ...

Hades: Get on with it, brother.

Zeus: Whatever. Apollo?

Apollo: Hold up, I feel a haiku coming in...

Cassiopeia: Don't!

Apollo: Fine, but only for you, sweetheart.

Cassiopeia: *groans* Can we just get on with it?


Children of Death, this isn't the last

Of the wars that have often haunted your past. 

Half-bloods and mortals must unite

To defeat the titan of the sky.

The goddess of magic, lady of the veil

Will soon waste away as she falls into Hell.

A band of mortals shall join your quest

But only after a single request

Grant their wish, join their team

Overcome your sadness and chagrin.

Fail to do so and the Mist will die

And so will the world as the mortals descry.

*spews creepy green smoke*

Aphrodite: Well, off with you all! You have three days to prepare.

Hazel: Why do we have to go?

Athena: 'Children of Death', duh!

Hades: Break a leg! Oh, wait. Don't. Bye.           

Then we were dropped off at Camp Half-Blood, wondering what in the name of Tartarus just happened.

Today was the deadline. I had already packed everything I needed into a backpack, black, of course. A few chunks of ambrosia, three bottles of nectar, my sword, a few spare clothes, pomegranate seeds in case of emergencies, and some drachmas for IMs. Hazel would take care of the mortal money.

​"Neeks!" It was Cassiopeia. I hope Apollo isn't stalking her again.

"Lets go already!" She grabbed my arm and dragged me to Thalia's pine tree, where Hazel was waiting.

Hazel stood beneath the pine tree, grey backpack by her feet. Today she was wearing a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and blue jeans, like Cass. I wore a black t-shirt, and black jeans.

Did I mention that black is my favorite color?

"Well, Nico?"  Hazel said, grinning. "You ready to go?"

"Anytime," I drawled. I grabbed their hands and shadow-traveled us to the Empire State Building.

We stood at the entrance for a few seconds. I decided to break the silence.

"So," I said. "What do we do now?"

Cassiopeia rolled her eyes. Gods, she acted so much like Annabeth. "Well, according to Athena and Artemis, Hecate was last seen leaving Olympus, saying that something was wrong with the aura of the sky. She wanted to check up on the level of magic in Zeus's domain. Then, poof! She's gone."

Hazel nodded. "We have to go to Hecate's caves and search for clues. Fast. The Mist is failing. Already there are mortal news broadcasting footages of monsters."

I wasn't listening. There were three people coming our way. One was a middle-aged man in a weird red-and-yellow metal suit. The other was a woman with short red hair, with several guns holstered in her belt. And the third was also a man, carrying a bow and arrows. The other mortals stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. Strangely, none of them seemed alarmed by their weapons. In fact, some stared at the newcomers with admire and awe.

"Guys," I hissed. Something told me they were trouble.

Hazel and Cass stopped brainstorming ideas for the quest. As one, they took a step back and started to draw their swords.

I waved at them to stop. The three stopped in front of us. The other mortals whispered among themselves, and crowd around us thickened. The word 'Avengers' was passed around. What did that mean?

"What do you want?" Hazel asked them warily.

The woman answered her. "Just for you to come with us."

Cass piped up. "Uh, hello? Why?"

The man in the metal suit raised an eyebrow. "That's it? No 'The Avengers!' or 'New York's heroes!'?" The woman punched him, then winced as her fist connected with the hard metal.

The man grinned. "This is why I love my suits."

I cleared my throat. The man with the bow sighed. "Don't listen to him. He's an idiot."

The woman who looked like she could kick Zeus in the ass and get away with it faced us again. "You and your companions are coming with us." She glared at me, like, 'Or else'.

If anything, it was amusing. Her glare was like puppies compared to Father's. We've been through more than she could ever imagine. Me and Cassiopeia especially. We've been through hell together... literally...

Oh gods, Tartarus...

My amusement abruptly stopped. I felt myself slipping away, into another flashback...

The last thing I saw before I hit the ground was Cassiopeia shouting:

"Nico! Snap out of it!"

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