Ghost King

Nick Fury was... furious. That kid, Nico di Angelo, had avoided S.H.I.E.L.D. for more than three years.
Meanwhile, Nico, now 15 years old, is sent on a quest along with Hazel Levesque and Cassiopeia Chance, his newest little sister, to find Hecate and stop the Mist from disappearing.
What will happen when the Avengers kidnap the three Children of Death? Will the Mist fail?
Will Nico put aside his anger and team up with the Avengers to save the world?


3. Chapter Three

[Hey, everybody! I'm back! I haven't been able to update recently because something was wrong with Movellas. BUT!!! On with the story!] 

Cassiopeia Chance

"Nico!" I screamed. "Snap out of it!" Hazel and I rushed to catch him before he hit the ground.

The woman with the bright red hair stepped forward. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?! Tartarus, that's what's wrong!" I shouted without thinking.

The man in the iron suit was saying something, but we weren't listening. "Can you get us out of here?" Hazel asked me. I knew what she was talking about. Shadow-travel.

I nodded. "The Underworld?"

"Yeah," Hazel replied. "C'mon." We hoisted Nico so that he was balanced between us, and I closed my eyes, concentrating on the shadows, thinking of father's palace...

The shadows started to swirl around us, the crowd of mortals screamed and ran, and we sunk into the darkness... that is, until...

"Oh, no, you don't!"

The three 'Avengers' grabbed hold of my shoulders, and started to pull me out of the shadows. I let out a shout and broke free of them, not letting go of Hazel and Nico. We struggled, the mortals trying to pull me out, me and Hazel trying to get them to let go. Nico started to slip from my grasp.

Speaking of Nico, he looked terrible. Sweat was trickling down his paler-than-usual face, and occasionally I heard him mutter, "No!", or, "Leave her alone!", no doubt having another flashback about Tartarus. I shivered. Thankfully, I didn't get flashbacks very often, because I wasn't in that hellhole for too long. Anyways, back to the chase.

I felt my grip on Nico slipping, and knew that Hazel would have to get to the Underworld by herself.

"Hazel," I hissed, grunting as I punched the one with the bow in the face. "You know how to do it, right?"

Hazel nodded. "Yeah, I've been practicing. But I won't leave you!" she added quickly.

I grinned sadly at her. "See ya' later, big sis," I whispered before letting go of her and Nico.

"Cass!" I heard her shout before they vanished into the abyss. I let the mortals pull me out.

"You are hereby arrested for aiding Nico di Angelo in escaping custody," the ginger woman announced rather proudly. She took out a pair of handcuffs and snapped them on me.

I raised an eyebrow. "Since when was he in custody?" I snapped my fingers and the lock in the handcuffs clicked and unfastened. As a child of Hades, I had control over metals, like Hazel and Nico, but Nico's powers were pretty weak in these circles. I dangled the handcuffs tauntingly in front of the ginger, whose face had turned unbelievably red. "And since when was I going to let myself get arrested by you mortals?"

Oops. Wrong thing to say. I had given them too much information. The ginger completely forgot about being angry and frowned at me. So did the other two.

"You say that like you're not one," Tin Man, aka man-in-the-iron-suit, said.

I shrugged, trying to seem casual, but on the inside I was panicking. They couldn't find out about the gods. "Maybe I'm not."

"You from Asgard like Thor?" Broken Arrow, or guy-with-the-bow-and-arrows, asked me.

I froze. Annabeth had told me, Nico, and the Seven all about her cousin Magnus. I let out a torrent of swear words in Latin and Greek, and a few Nico had taught me in Italian. "THAT guy?! He's on Earth?! But it's forbidden! It's against the Ancient Laws! And, FYI, I am not from Asgard. Haven't been there in ages, actually. I know Loki and Thor, though. Loki, I don't mind, at least he doesn't flirt with me, but Thor is just plain annoying." 

Oops, again. Now they were just plain ogling at me.

"You do know that Loki tried to take over the world, right?" Ginger, (guess it yourself!), said.

"Yeah," I replied. "Watched it on Hephaestus TV with my dad. Too bad the Olympians banned us from helping you guys. We could've closed the portal the moment it opened." OOPS! Damn you ADHD!

The mortals gaped at me. "You could've helped us close the portal, but you didn't because you were grounded?!" Tin Man exclaimed.

"Not grounded!" I defended. "We just weren't allowed to! If we had helped without permission, the gods would've blasted us to ashes! Plus, we had just finished fighting Gaea! The casualties were huge-y'know what, forget I said anything. I need to go anyways-"

I was cut off by a loud crash, several roars, a building set on fire, people screaming, and a lot of honking cars. The mortals and I whipped around at the same time. There, about two blocks away from us, stood a very large, very angry, and very hungry-

"HYDRA!" I shouted. I turned to the three mortals, who were staring openmouthed at the monster. The Mist was gone, so they could see it. "Styx! Get out of here!"

"Of course not!" Tin Man protested. "Like we're gonna leave you here!"

I hissed in frustration. Angry, I slammed Tin Man against a wall. "Listen here, mortal. I have been fighting monsters since I was a toddler. I have been in two wars, I have killed hundreds, if not thousands of creatures bigger than this, I have watched countless people die, I've been to real live Hell for gods' sake, and I do not plan on letting you die foolishly. Your weapons do not work against our monsters, and, no, I will not lend you one until I am absolutely sure that I can trust you. Got it?" I let go of Tin Man, and he immediately resumed protesting.

"How about this," Broken Arrow cut in. "Since apparently normal weapons don't work against it, why don't we just get everybody outta here?"

I smiled coldly. "Oh, that's what you'll be doing, certainly."

"And what will you do?" Ginger asked me.

"Kill the monster," I answered before sprinting towards the Hydra.

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