Ghost King

Nick Fury was... furious. That kid, Nico di Angelo, had avoided S.H.I.E.L.D. for more than three years.
Meanwhile, Nico, now 15 years old, is sent on a quest along with Hazel Levesque and Cassiopeia Chance, his newest little sister, to find Hecate and stop the Mist from disappearing.
What will happen when the Avengers kidnap the three Children of Death? Will the Mist fail?
Will Nico put aside his anger and team up with the Avengers to save the world?


4. A/N

~Hello everybody! Announcement!

I'm really sorry, but all stories on my account will be put ON HOLD for two reasons. One, because Movellas barely works anymore in ShangHai, where I am, and, two, because I'm working on some other, ORIGINAL, works. Thank you for everyone who read my not-so-good stories!



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