My first and last chance

I like both Luke and Ashton but I can pick only one,who will I pick or who will pick me? You decide in the comment box,please.


1. My First Chance

"Bring me some chips,please,"Ashton ask."Ok,what kind." I reply."Classic Lays."Ashton preferred,not knowing the only reason I agreed to bring him chips.

Nobody knew about my secret except Angel and Cattie,two of my best friends,my other best friend is Ashton,whom I have a huge crush on.Angel and Cattie asked if they could tell Luke and I said "Yes but tell him not to tell ANYBODY."They told him and he yelled "Oh My God!"at the top of his lungs.Everybody said "What!!!!!!!!!!!""I don't think anybody wants to know and I'm not going to tell you."Luke answered.The rest of the night Luke seemed mad and sad.

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