Star Trek Endeavor: The Mountain

Ender and Petra enjoy their short leave as the Endeavor undergoes repairs till they decided to go hiking up a mountain to discover that it is haunted and injuring anyone that tries to journey up it.


8. 8

The shuttle flew towards the rear of the Endeavor as it orbited the planet and the shuttle landed in the shuttle bay where Nikolai stood waiting for them.  The side door of the shuttle opened and Ender and Petra stepped out with their bags in tow and Nikolai smiled and said, “How was it?” Ender smiled at him and said, “It was worth it.” Petra said, “Except riding a horse.” Nikolai held back his laughter and said, “I’ll have the ensigns carry your bags to your quarters.” He waved to the two ensigns standing behind and they came and picked up both Ender and Petra’s bags and Nikolai said, “Now if you don’t mind captain, I got a Trans-warp core to prime.” He smiled at both Ender and Petra before he walked away and Ender and Petra entered the nearest turbo lift before the doors closed.  Ender said, “Bridge.” The turbo lift began to move and Petra said, “I hope we can do this again sometime.” Ender sighed and said, “Unfortunately not for a while because we are supposed to go deep space exploration.” Petra frowned and said, “Why are we exploring deep space when we have problems here with this Serenity, Khan and Julius?” Ender said, “I don’t know, maybe they are trying to keep us safe since Julius did mention Peter is looking for me.” Petra looked at him with an angry expression and said, “More the reason to keep you here!  You have fought against Achilles and Julius and trained alongside Khan, you know how they think and you can stop them!  You are a valuable asset as I am and they should be using us to help hunt them down!” Ender said, “Halt turbo lift!” Ender faced Petra and held both her hands to his chest and said, “Petra we had this conversation before, let alone you know I don’t like to be used as a tool.” Petra said, “Ender this is not like that.  These people threaten to destroy the Federation and cripple Zhargosia.  They are not like the Formics and the Federation is nowhere near like the I.F.  You must persuade them that we can help.” Ender said, “Petra, I’ve requested this.” Petra pulled her hands away and looked confused and said, “What?” Ender said, “I’m sorry that I have just lied to you but I did request this assignment for deep space exploration.” Petra said, “Why?” Ender looked down and away as Petra put both her hands on his shoulders and turned him around and she said, “Ender, tell me.” Ender’s cheeks grew red and he said, “I requested this because I am scared.” Petra looked at him sadly and said, “Ender....” Ender shook his head and said, “I’m scared for myself, you and all our friends.  I thought that if we go deep in space and can’t find us then Julius, Khan and Peter won’t have a reason to harm anyone and they have to come to deep space to look for us.” Petra kissed Ender as she embraced him before letting go and Ender said, “Turbo lift resume.” The turbo lift moved and Petra said, “Ender that is thoughtful, but do you think this is an excuse just to get away?” Ender said, “I know it does, but everyone else don’t have to carry the last survivor of a civilization that is destroyed and find a new home.” The turbo lift doors opened and they entered the bridge.  


    Joachim left the command chair and stood at attention and said, “Captain on the bridge!” Ender said, “As you were.” Joachim then sat on the helm and said, “How was your leave sir?” Ender sat in his chair and said, “Couldn’t be better.  Status report.” Joachim said, “All systems are normal and functioning properly.  All engines are online and Nikolai is conducting one more check on the Trans-warp drive before its available.” A female Deltan yeoman walked up to Ender and gave him a tablet and Ender said, “That’s fine, just as long he is finished with an hour before our departure.  What is this yeoman?” The yeoman said, “New orders sir.” Ender looked confused as he looked at the tablet for a few moments then signed it and gave it back to the yeoman.  Ender then pressed a button on his armrest and stood up as the touchscreen came up and down in front of him.  He touched the right screen and expanded it to read the ship’s status and saw the stations highlighted green with only one (Trans-warp drive) that is highlighted yellow.  He made the screen small again and he touched (twice) the top middle screen and all the screens changed into one large star chart with Starbase 11 and their position in the middle.  Petra came up to his right side and said, “New course captain?” Ender replied, “Yes.” He put his right index finger on their position and he dragged his finger to the left and the star chart moved until he pulled his finger back a little causing the chart to stop moving and Ender double tapped it on the spot and Petra said, “So we are going to the border of the Talarian Republic?” Ender replied, “Yes and as you can see there are numerous gaps of uncharted space and planets we need to look at and assist in building Starbase 214 before we head out past the Talarian Republic.” Petra replied, “Yes captain.” And she headed back to her station.  Nikolai’s face then appeared on the top left corner and he said, “Captain, just want to notify you that Trans-warp drive is at your command.” Ender saw the yellow light under Trans-warp drive turn green and the whole outline on the ship above flashed green and Ender said, “Thank You chief, assume your station and prepare to get underway.” Nikolai said, “Aye sir.” His image disappeared and Ender moved back and sat in his chair and pressed a button and all the touch screens retracted.  Joachim said, “Helm ready sir.” Petra said, “All stations report ready and awaiting further orders captain.” Ender said, “Do we have clearance from Starbase 11?” Comms replied, “Yes sir and they wish us good luck.” Ender said, “Send them my condolences.” Joachim looked down at his station and said, “Confirm heading sir?” Ender replied, “Confirmed, towards the edge of Federation space and future Starbase 214.” Joachim said, “Aye sir.  Speed?” Ender leaned back in his chair and closed his armrests and said, “Lets see what she can do.  Full Trans-warp power.” Joachim smiled as did Petra and he said, “Yes sir.” He pressed a few buttons as everyone else on the bridge closed their armrests over them and Joachim said, “Trans-warp at your command sir.” The computer voice in the speakers said, “Full power.” Ender smiled and said, “Execute.” The USS Endeavor pulled away from Starbase 11 and headed out to space passing a Constitution and Kelvin class starships before going into Trans-warp, leaving a streak of blue and red behind it.

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