Star Trek Endeavor: The Mountain

Ender and Petra enjoy their short leave as the Endeavor undergoes repairs till they decided to go hiking up a mountain to discover that it is haunted and injuring anyone that tries to journey up it.


7. 7

Once Ender exited the tunnel he looked around and noticed he is at the side of the mountain facing inland and then he heard Petra calling for him.  He looked up and saw her making her way down while further behind the news crew followed her but hesitated as they tried to climb down.  He set Ron down just before Petra jumped into his arms and kissed him and she looked at him worriedly and said, “I could barely hear what you were saying!  What happened down there?” Ender saw the news crew approaching and Ender said sat Petra down and said, “We’ll talk about it later.  Take care of Ron.  I had to knock him out because he was starting to act crazy.” When the news crew approached Petra pulled out her communicator and began talking as Ender stepped up to the news crew and told them from now on the entire mountain is quarantined by Starfleet regulations and there will be no more hiking or any other trips up the mountain and Petra came up behind him as Ron moaned and groaned behind her and she said, “He’s coming around and I checked his vitals, he should be fine.” Ender said, “Then we better leave or else we will be stuck here all night with this news crew.” Petra laughed and said, “Couldn’t agree with you more.” They both walked quickly down the mountain as the news crew were distracted by Ron as he got up and was again bombarded by questions.


    Once they reached their shuttle Ender setup a secure channel on a monitor to the left of his console to Starfleet Command.  When it was secured Ender sent a message notifying them about what happened on Mt. Tula, the undead mining colony and the fairy lifeforms that reside within the mountain and he took the liberty and notified the news crew that were there that the mountain is quarantined.  Ender signed off and sent the voice recorded message as Petra started up the shuttle and she said, “Would you mind telling me what happened in there?” And Ender told her about the fairy’s and what happened in the tunnels as the shuttle took off.  As the shuttle flew into space towards the Endeavor, Ender and Petra took turns to pilot the shuttle while they changed back into their blue uniforms.  Once they’ve changed Petra noticed Ender with a look of excitement on his face and she said, “I see you’re eager to get back to the ship.” Ender replied, “Out of all the things I have done from being a platoon commander in Battle School to commanding a starship, I actually found something that I actually enjoy.” As Ender concentrated on flying the shuttle Petra looked at him and smiled. 

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