Star Trek Endeavor: The Mountain

Ender and Petra enjoy their short leave as the Endeavor undergoes repairs till they decided to go hiking up a mountain to discover that it is haunted and injuring anyone that tries to journey up it.


6. 6

There was only moaning for a few seconds as the miner stood there and looked around before it continued in the direction where Ender came from.  Ender looked back out and saw the miner moving away and Ender looked with a grim expression and said, “I have to find another way out.” Ender then carried Ron further down the tunnel and said, “It looks like I have to head further east.  Petra if you can hear me find another entrance somewhere on the East side of the mountain and wait for me.” Ender continued down the tunnel till he noticed there are less and less bunkers and stores and the path narrowed.  Ender said, “We must be heading into one of their mines.” He continued till the tunnel was just narrow enough for two people and the path was lit by torches on each side.  Ender said, “It looks as if someone is expecting us with these lit torches, plus the path is too narrow for miners to use to enter and exit their work area.” He continued onward till he heard voices and Ender looked forward and back trying to find out where the voices are coming from, but he couldn’t tell as the voices echoed and Ender looked frustrated till suddenly the voices stopped.  Ender looked a little fearful but shook his head and continued forward for a few yards till he saw an opening to a larger room.  Ender said, “It looks like I found the place where this path is leading to.” As he emerged from the tunnel he saw a large room in a form of a circle and a high ceiling with nothing inside except the room was ringed with lit torches and Ender said, “I’m now in what appears to be a meeting room of sorts.” Then there is a series of humming sounds and Ender looked around the room but could not find the source of the sounds till all of a sudden people emerged from the walls in worn or torn clothes and their bodies and faces are filthy, wilted or sullen.  


    Ender looked around for another exit as the way they came in became blocked off and Ender pulled out his phaser and said, “Why are you trying to hurt us?” They continued to move closer and Ender said, “Are you all actually that soul less that you would want to kill in order to satisfy yourselves?” The zombie miners outstretched their hands or stubby arms at Ender as he raised his phaser and pointed it at them when suddenly they stopped moving.  A soft female voice said, “We do not wish to kill, only to scare intruders away.” Ender replied, “Then prove it by backing away.” The zombie miners stumbled back till they were consumed by the surrounding wall.  There was a sort pause when the voice echoed in the room, “Why are you not running away?” Ender looked around and said, “I want to understand why you are scaring people away when they come up the mountain.” The voice replied, “We want to live in peace, this is our home.” Ender said, “But up till today no one has entered the mines, let alone know anyone is living inside the mountain.” The voice said, “And we must keep it that way.” The walls started to move again and Ender pointed to the roof of the room and said, “If I fire this phaser this room will cave in and I have friends outside who will do anything to find out what happened including crawling all over the inside of this mountain.” The wall stopped moving and the voice said, “Then all hope is lost.” Ender said, “No it’s not.  Pleas tell me the real reason why you don’t want anyone near the mines.” The torch lights went out and it was pitch black inside the room.


    Suddenly the room lighted up to what look like stars along the rounded ceiling and Ender looked in amazement when one of the lights flew at him and moved about in front of him and Ender put away his phaser and sat Ron down as he cupped his bands around the light.  The light made two bright pulses and others appeared from the ceiling and surrounded Ender when the one in Ender’s hands tickled him and it transformed into a fairy like figure covered in blue light.  The fairy flew out of his hands and it hovered right in front of his face before it flew up along with the stars surrounding Ender to the ceiling where they were before.  The torches then relit and the same voice said, “What is your name?” Ender replied, “Andrew Wiggin.” The voice said, “Mr. Wiggin, you now understand why we don’t want anyone visiting the mountain.” Ender said, “Yes.  I represent the United Federation of Planets and I can guarantee you that this mountain will be quarantined so that no one will harm these lifeforms or you until you ask us for our help.” The voice said, “Thank You Mr. Wiggin.  We hope the this will bring us peace under the mountain and you will keep your word.” Ender said, “I will.  I swear.” In front of him a new passageway opened up and daylight appeared at the other end of the tunnel and the voice said, “You may go, and bring us peace.” Ender said, “Thank You.” Ender picked up Ron over his shoulder again and walked towards the passageway, but just before he entered he turned and made one last look at the dots of light along the dark ceiling before turning away and made his way down the tunnel until he reached the daylight.

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