Star Trek Endeavor: The Mountain

Ender and Petra enjoy their short leave as the Endeavor undergoes repairs till they decided to go hiking up a mountain to discover that it is haunted and injuring anyone that tries to journey up it.


5. 5

Ender rappeled down the narrow tunnel that led down as he lowered himself.  He felt the solid rock about him and Ender said to himself that it is not possible that a person cannot drag Ron down here, though he felt as though someone is watching him as he looked down into the black abyss.  He kept working his way down the dark tunnel till some rocks came out on the side and Ender flinched as he thought he saw a hand. Petra said (through static), “Ender are you all right?” Ender replied, “Yes, so far I can’t see the bottom and by the looks of it there is no way a person can pull him down here.  I can barely hear you through the static.  I’ll make my reports whenever I can so you know I am all right.” He then heard a faint sound of pick axes and digging below and Ender worked his way down till all of a sudden the sounds stopped.  Ender kept looking straight down but still sees nothing and he says to himself, “This is way too weird.  Petra I heard the sound of pick axes and what I believe to be shovels digging as if there are minders down here, but then suddenly the sounds stopped.  I’m still moving downwards and hopefully I’ll reach the bottom soon.” He kept moving downwards till all of a sudden an arm shot out in front of him and a loud crook sound is heard from the wall.


    Ender was able to dodge the outstretched hand as it looked dry and wilted and Ender pivoted and kicked at it and the arm snapped and dangled lazily.  There is a loud cry of pain and the arm puled back into the solid earth and Ender breathed heavily and barely hears Petra calling his name through the headset and he said, “Don’t pull me up I’m fine.  A wilted humanoid arm came out of the wall and tried to grab me but I managed to break it and it went back into the side of the tunnel and there was a loud scream but I see no one.  Still moving downward.” Ender continued down the tunnel but only for a few moments the he finally saw the bottom and he said, “I see the bottom.  Just give me a couple of minutes.” He reached the bottom and as he looked around the tunnel it is big enough to fit a two lane highway in circumference and he noticed a lot of mining equipment around and a small rail on his right side.  Ender called out, “Ron can you hear me?” There is no reply and Ender looked behind and not too far it was a dead end.  Ender sighed and said, “It looks like there is only one way.  I’m heading east through what appears to be the area where the miners dug.” He walked looking around and saw a lot of abandoned mining equipment and then her saw a half sawed QVC pipe running down the right side song the wall elevated to his head.  He looked into the pipe and saw a dark liquid sitting inside it and he said, “I found a half sawed pipe line running along the wall and it has oil in it.  Probably used as the miners light while they worked.” Ender then went through his pockets and found a box of matches, pulled one out and lite it before he dropped it into the pipe and with a whoosh sound the while pipe was lit.


    Ender could see the tunnel in front of him and he turned off his light and looked amazed by the length of the tunnel and other tunnel branches to the left and right sides.  Ender said, “I have lit the pipeline and I see a maze of tunnels.  This could take quite awhile.” He walked forward until he stepped on something and looked down and saw a compass that appears very new.  He picked it up and looked at the back and saw Ron’s name.  He looked back down and saw the ground was disturbed and it continue forward as if someone was dragged and Ender said, “I found Ron’s compass and what appears to be drag marks.  I’m following the path and hopefully I’ll find him soon and whoever has taken him.” Ender followed the drag marks that continue straight passing all the other tunnels.  As Ender continued he passed through shops, living quarters, offices and other rooms that are built in the tunnel by the miners.  Ender said, “I discovered tunneled out areas that are turned into living quarters, places to eat, etc.” All of a sudden he heard the sound of something that is moving down the tracks and Ender looked back in shock and saw a mine cart pulling up to him with a baby doll laying on top of a pile of coals with a shovel inside.  Ender walked up with caution and picked up the dirty, worn doll and he said, “A mini cart rolled up and a baby doll was inside.  This is way too weird.” Ender was about to put it back when all of a sudden the doll’s head turned to him and said, “Buried alive, buried alive.” Ender cried out in shock and dropped the doll and he said, “Geez!” Ender walked away from the cart and continued forward till the drag marks turned left into a tunneled room which to Ender looks like a small police station.  The inside was covered in wood with dirty/moldy couch with a walkup window with no glass but wooden bars.  Ender looked inside and saw the office was a mess as if people were in a hurry.  


    He then walked down the short corridor to the left of the office and looked through each of the five rooms passing the office.  The first one looked like the armory but it was empty even though some shell casings are littered on the floor.  The second room looked like a room used for interrogation and then the next rooms he looked through appear to be jail cells unto the last one there was an occupant inside sitting on the floor, slumped over and against the back wall.  Ender took a closer look and saw that he was wearing a hiking guide’s uniform and Ender said cautiously, “Mr. Ron?” There was a moan and Ender said excitedly, “I found Mr. Ron!  Don’t worry, I’m going to get you out!” Ender headed straight to the office and he looked through the desks, draws, floor, etc. to find the keys but was unsuccessful.  He went back to the cell and looked around but still couldn’t find them or anything to break the metal cell gate and Ender grew frustrated.  Ender said, as he kicked the lock, “Damnit!” As soon as he kicked the lock to the cell gate the gate flew open breaking one of the locks.  Ender looked in shock temporarily and went inside the cell and checked Ron’s pulse before lifting him on his shoulder to carry and Ender said, “Okay Mr. Ron we’re on our way back.” Ron yelped, “We can’t!  They are watching us!” Ender tried to hold on to him as he squirmed on his shoulder and Ender said, “Mr. Ron you are in shock, everything is all right.” Ron yelped and squirmed, “NO!  WE ARE GOING TO DIE!  WE ARE ALL...” Ender slammed the side of Ron’s head against the metal bars knocking him out and Ender said to himself, “Man he went section 8.” He carried Ron to the front of the police station till Ender heard a sound outside.  Ender looked outside and saw what appears to be a miner and he was stumbling away from them all the while moaning.  He stopped and turned to Ender’s direction and Ender turned back inside away from the zombie miner’s eye sight.

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