Star Trek X: The Mystique

As Raven hunts down the people that are still loyal to Trask she will encounter another mutant that is just like her while at the same time she will encounter someone that is more dangerous than Trask.


9. 9

Stryker immediately pulled out his side arm and aimed it towards them but looked confused as he pointed his gun at one Max and then the other.  Max 1 said, “I’m the real Max kill her!”  Max 2 looked at him and the other Max in shock and anger and said, “No kill her!” Max 1 yelled, “Don’t aim at me!  Aim at her!” Max 2 yelled, “She’s lying!  That’s her!  Kill her!” Max 1 yelled, “No she’s the one!” Stryker looked irritated as he tried to decide which one when Max 2 said, “Not me you idiot her!” Stryker pointed at Max 2 and fired three rounds hitting Max 2 in the throat, chest and left shoulder with one bullet ripping right through his throat leaving a patch of blood on the Sentinel behind him and fell to the floor choking on his own blood.  Max 1 looked down at Max 2 with non sadden eyes as he reached out at him but Max 1 kicked Max 2’s hand away and planted his foot on his throat squirting and oozing out more blood pouring from his throat as Max 2 tried to push his foot away but to no avail when suddenly he went limp with his eyes still wide open with astonishment.  Stryker said, “Looks like I killed the wrong one after all.” Mystique looked up at Stryker as she transformed back into her blue form and said, “There never was an antidote was there?  Just something to make people volunteer for your little experiment.” Stryker still aimed the gun at her while resting his hands on the railing and smiled down at her and said, “Exactly.  Although they are dying for a noble cause and they will be remembered for their sacrifices while you won’t.” Mystique said, “There’s one thing you must know.” Stryker said, “What’s that?” Mystique smiled and said, “I don’t work alone.” The whole hanger shook when there was a loud explosion outside and Stryker struggled on the railing as he held on while Mystique grabbed a remote nearby and pressed a button and the undamaged Sentinel activated and swung its arms as it smashed away the scaffolding holding it in place.  Stryker looked up in shock as the Sentinel raised one of its gatling guns and Stryker’s sidearm slipped from his grasp and clattered down to the floor below.  Mystique said, “Their can be only one Mystique in this world.” Stryker looked down at her in shock as Mystique pressed a couple of buttons on the controller and the Sentinel turned around and faced the entrance Mystique came from.


    Stryker looked wide eyed and yelled, “What are you doing?” Mystique replied, “Getting rid of your toys.” The Sentinel raised one of its gatling guns and Stryker yelled, “NO!  You would be killing your own family!  They are like you!”  Mystique looked grim and said, “Their can be only one Mystique.” She pressed a button and the Sentinel fired its gatling gun as Stryker screamed, “NO!” The wall was ripped to shreds as the bullets tore through and shattered the glass tubes holding the various mutants that are like Mystique as they were shot as well and fell to the floor lifelessly with glass and water falling to the floor or flying in the air as sparks issued forth from the health monitors that were shot up till there was not a single tube left standing intact and the Sentinel ceased firing.  Mystique turned towards Stryker as he looked in horror at the destruction and the Sentinel turned and faced him as well and raised its gatling gun, pointing towards him.  Stryker stood back from the railing and he said, “Wait!  If you kill me you will never know where you came from!” Mystique said, “I was thrown in the streets because I looked hideous to my parents eyes! As far as I know I do not care!”  Stryker said, “Are you sure about that?  Are you not the least bit curious of who your parents are and how you came to be?” Mystique hesitated and Stryker slowly walked towards the door till Mystique pressed a button and the Sentinel walked closer with its gun still pointing at Stryker and Mystique yelled, “Tell me!” Stryker replied grimly, “No!” Mystique screamed, “TELL ME!  WHO ARE...” There was a violent explosion outside and the metal came crashing down knocking down the Sentinel and the walkway, only that Stryker was able to leap just in time at the door and fell inside the adjacent room as the walkway beneath where he stood fell away.  Mystique took cover beneath a metal desk as steel beams and various metal debris fell about her as the entire hanger caught on fire and fire and various other alarms went off.  When she got back up she saw the Sentinel was half buried in debris as well as smashed and on fire while the walkway was twisted and smashed.  She looked around the wrecked walkway desperately and said, “Stryker!  STRYKER!” She continued looking till all of a sudden she looked up and saw the door on top ajar.  Mystique looked up in furious anger and she screamed, “STRYKER!”

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